The Body Shop's NEW Vegan Clay Foundation Review

The term vegan is being thrown around like a confetti and that's certainly not a bad thing.

Although some people will say it's become a 'trend', if it means that you're making people more aware of an industry by educating them, then to hell with it, it's a trend. But the fact brands are now stating whether something is 'vegan' is incredible helpful to making that lifestyle easier.

The Body Shop has always been loved for being a cruelty-free brand but more recently they've introduced labeling certain products as 'vegan' - hallelujah!

I've been slowly switching my makeup over to cruelty-free/vegan products which isn't easy as we all have our trusty favourites but it's fun testing out new makeup and It's a weight off of my shoulders knowing the product hasn't been tested on animals, nor includes animal products.

So what's new? The Body Shop have recently launched their new Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation. I spotted their tweet on social media the day it launched and rushed to buy it.

It's a lightweight foundation that contains tea tree oil to help promote clear skin as well as having oil absorbing properties.


The formula itself is similar to any other liquid foundation. Although it's a 'clay' product it has a medium consistency.


I spent about 15 minutes in the shop trying to find the perfect tone. My skin is more of a cooler shade with a slight yellow tone so I opted for the 'Tamerza Dune 026' shade which does looks quite dark and orange toned at first but on application becomes a lot lighter and blends into your skin tone more. So the one thing I would say is swatch! Don't go off of the colour of the tube.

The coverage I'd say is more of a medium to full coverage foundation. It's really easy to blend with a sponge and can be buildable to get more coverage. My skin has been quite clear recently with just the odd blemish but it does really help to cover those pesky red marks!


The foundation is said to leave a matte finish although for me it still left a natural glow (My skin type is dry/combination) even after setting it with a light dusting of powder, which don't get me wrong I Iove. 

The foundation does feel incredibly light weight and doesn't feel oily or drying.

I love this foundation but It doesn't 100% love me. Although promoted as being for 'all skin types' I'd say it's oil absorbing properties work a little too well on my dry areas. On first application the foundation blends in nicely but after a few hours I noticed it becoming patchy on my nose (a dry area) and a little too oily around my forehead and chin. With a little powder touch up in the day the rest of my face makeup was fine but the patchiness on my nose was hard to touch up as I'd have to remove it all and start again. I have however started to apply more primer to the end of my nose and this has helped the longevity. 

Overall I'd say this product is a must buy for those with an oily/ combination skin type but if you have really dry skin I'd opt for The Body Shop's nude or moisture foundation. 

Beki Xo

Infused Ice Cubes ft Junip Organics (*)

If you’re a gin enthusiast like me then you’ll be just as excited about what I’m about to introduce you to. See the thing is, when you start collecting gin and creating cocktails you begin to realise that garnishes can make a huge impact on bringing out the flavours of the botanicals in the spirit.

So when I recently stumbled across on Instagram account for natural fruit infusers I jumped at the chance to work with them.

Junip Organics launched  this year (2017) creating a product that (I think) fills a gap in the market. Their all-natural and organic fruit infusers add a squeeze of flavour into your glass of water, a hint of extract into baked goodies or for me an extra little something in my G&T. Made from hand-picked fruit, herbs and spices there are no additives, no added sugar, no artificial or unhealthy ingredients. Their products simply add a squeeze of nature into whatever you wish.

The Junip Organics infusers range from berries to herbs to wild plants and classic flavours like vanilla and strawberry.

Of course I chose flavours that I’d typically use as garnishes in gin because think about it… I can add the flavour of a garnish without having to pop to the shops. So when I’m wanting a spontaneous cocktail or a simple G&T (although garnishes look pretty) I can ‘pimp it up’ by adding a few drops of the Junip Organics infuser and voila!

My next thought after choosing those flavours was creating ‘Infused Ice Cubes’. Something fun or what some people would call ‘Pinterest worthy’ that can look pretty in your G&T, add a little something extra to glass of water or spice up a jug of punch.  For me I wanted to add fruit, citrus and herbs that not only matched the flavours but complimented them. So with the Basil infuser I added strawberries and basil leaves, with the Rosemary I added rosemary and lemon peel and with the blueberry I added just the berries.

The flavours of the infusers are intense yet soft and natural. They pack enough punch to infuse but not over power so I only added half water, half infuser to the ice cube tray.

Once popped into a G&T (or any other drink) the ice slowly melts, releasing a subtle flavour and dispersing the garnishes. It’s almost too pretty to drink!

Beki Xo

(*) Disclaimer: As part of this review I was gifted the Junip Organics infusers however all opinions are my own

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