The Romantic Rose-Berry Cocktail ft Pinkster Gin

Sunday, February 12, 2017
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The Romantic Rose-Berry Cocktail ft Pinkster Gin (*)

A bottle fit For Valentine’s Day!

Pinkster gin is the latest bottle to be added to my vastly growing gin collection and I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted one of their limited edition ‘Let the love beGIN’ bottles!

It’s an agreeable British Gin that packs a lot of character. At first glance you’d think that they’d purposely packaged everything up to box it off as a pink gin but there’s more to the story than that.

Pinkster was created by Stephen Marsh who began creating his own gin after contacting a yeast allergy which meant he could no longer indulge in his favourite tipple – wine. A keen maker of sloe liqueurs, he turned his attention to spirits and started experimenting at home. Stephen tried and tested large amounts of assorted fruits and spirit strengths and discovered that raspberries delivered the best flavour and unintentionally creating a pink gin.

In 2014 founder Stephen Marsh approached Charles Maxwell (a man who has created hundreds of gins over 30 years from Thames Distillers) to collaborate on another gin. This time it would be infused with raspberries as a signature botanical and keeping juniper strongly present. In 2014 Pinkster switched distillers to scale up and use the traditional method of the copper pots from the distillery that also produce BLOOM and Ophir.  

The gin itself is made up of 5 botanicals but only 3 of which known: juniper, raspberry and black peppercorn. The gin has a dry but fruity flavour with the leading taste of juniper and a smooth jammy finish of raspberries. The great thing about Pinkster gin is nothing goes to waste and the raspberries that are used to create the gin are popped into jars and labelled ‘Boozy Berries’ to pimp your prosecco, add to cakes or dip into chocolate!

When creating a cocktail for Pinkster I wanted to make something that would complement the leading notes of juniper and pull through that smoothness of the raspberries. Of course it’s Valentine’s Day coming up so roses instantly come to mind and therefor I created the Romantic Rose-Berry Gin Cocktail.

The Romantic Rose-Berry Cocktail Recipe: 

50ml Pinkster gin
25ml – Rose syrup
5 – Fresh raspberries
2 – Cubes of ice
Top with Tonic
Garnish with edible rose petals

Add 50ml of Pinkster gin and 25ml rose syrup into a cocktail shaker

Add 5 raspberries and 2 cubes of ice

Shake until the cocktail shaker becomes misty

Pour through a strainer into a glass (preferably a balloon glass)

Top with Fever Tree tonic and add a few edible rose petals as garnish

This is the perfect romantic cocktail for Valentine’s Day but it tastes incredible too! If you love the flavours of a sweet Turkish delight with a twist (sharp, pine flavours of juniper) then you’ll love this as much as I do!

Beki Xo

(*) Disclaimer: As part of this post I was gifted the Pinkster Gin however the cocktail recipe and all opinions are my own
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