How To: The Nude Cappuccino Smokey Eye With Max Factor

Using the Max Factor Masterpiece Nudes Cappuccino Palette and Masterpiece MAX Mascara (*)

Dark, bold smokey eyes… some girls rock it but for me personally there’s just too much makeup involved and with my round shaped peepers it can leave me looking at little panda-esque.

So, this post is dedicated to lovers of a fresher, neutral smokey eye with cool tones.

I’ve been a fan of the Max Factor Masterpiece Nudes palettes ever since they were first released and I can say that the 03 Rose Nudes palette sits firmly in the top of my makeup drawer, ready to hand.

So when this little chocolate dusted cappuccino palette came through the post (alongside the Max Factor Masterpiece MAX mascara) I was thrilled! I already knew how rich and strongly pigmented the baked shades were. The multi-dimensional textures (matt, shimmer and sparkle) and velvet smooth feel makes them incredibly easy to blend and versatile enough to create multiple looks.

There are 8 cool shades in total that range from a natural light to a dark tone so you’re able to take your look from a fresh day time feel to a more glamorous night time look just by simply building the colour.

To create the look above, I simply used shade 2 across the lid, shade 3 under the brow bone and in the center of the lid and a mix of shade 6 and 7 in the crease of the socket. I then used a blending brush to give the smokey eye a more natural look before adding a dab of shade 3 (using the sponge applicator) within the center of the lid as a highlight.

To finish off the look I used a liquid liner to create a cat flick and added a couple coats of the Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara... which is incredible by the way.

I’ve mentioned a few times that Max Factor never get it wrong when it comes to mascaras and every new one I try ends up becoming my favourite. Well… It’s happened again.  The plastic wand takes enough products to coat each lash individually and deliver volumised bold lashes without having to build up the product. But what makes this mascara my new favourite is the size of the wand. The sleek shape makes it easy to coat your lashes without dispensing product across your eye lid or under your eyes.

This look would be great to add a little something to your usual everyday makeup

Beki Xo

Iconic French Skincare Brand Review : Embryolisse (*) 

The infamous French pharmacy brand Embryolisse is a cult classic in the terms that since its release in 1950 the brand has continued to be used and loved by many makeup artists, celebrities and (most recently) bloggers.

I’d first heard of the brand French skincare when it was the focus of many bloggers monthly favourites. Up until a couple years ago it was only available from French pharmacies so although I was interested in the hype I wasn’t able to easily get my hands on it. However since it’s now readily available online, in specialist stores and Boots pharmacies I had to see what the all the fuss was... and is about.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre

Out of all Embroylisse’s products this is the famous holy-grail product used by makeup artists and celebrities alike. The Lait-Crème Concentre is a heavy duty multi-tasking beauty product that can be used as a moisturiser, primer, repair mask and makeup remover.
The formula itself is a heavy, thick cream that contains fatty acids and vitamins to hydrate, plump and smooth the skin. The scent is that classic childhood floral smell that reminds me of my mums makeup bag when was I child.
For me personally I didn’t like to use the product so much as a daily moisturiser as it seemed a little too greasy, it felt as though my makeup would slide around rather than sit still. However as a deeply hydrating repair mask, makeup cleanser or even a night cream the formula works incredibly well. It retains water and can be used on either the body or the fact so it’s perfect for those who suffer from dry skin.

Embryolisse Hydra-mat

This is my favourite out of all the products and is (if not close to becoming) my number one moisturiser at the moment.
The formula has a light to medium cream-gel like consistency that is light weight, non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. Similar to most Embryolisse products it has that nostalgic floral scent which I love as it brings back memories and although it is perfumed the product agrees with my sensitive skin.
I also find this product works as a primer as it curbs the oils in my t-zone to give a matt base ready for my foundation.  Although this is a mattifying cream it still keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day almost like it has an invisible barrier to those environmental effects.

Embroylisse Secret De Maquille

I’ve never really been one to bother with eye creams, they’re that extra product in a beauty routine that I just don’t have the energy to add. However I’m always intrigued in trying a few just to see if they add anything to my skincare regime or the longevity of my makeup.
The stick itself is incredibly easy to use and has an interesting solid gel like texture that contains aloe vera and vitamin E. A quick run of the stick under both eyes leave an extremely thin residue that soaks into the skin incredibly quickly.
Although the product didn’t visibly brighten the area it was incredibly refreshing and it’s non-sticky texture made a great primer for concealer.

Beki Xo

#EatPastaRunFaster at Vapiano Manchester (*)

There's so many restaurants in Manchester it can be a challenge to pick one that offers something a little different but that's precisely what this German chain has done. I know what you're thinking, pizza and pasta is Italian right? Yes but Vapiano first opening its doors in Germany as a fast, casual restaurant chain offering Italian food and they've now brought that concept to Manchester.

So what makes Vapiano differ from the rest? First of all it has an unusual concept with a food hall style, self service system which means you can see your food made freshly in front of you.

The restaurant itself has a number of bars that specialise in pasta, pizza, antipasti and desserts. On arrival you're given a 'dining card' and an extensive menu to choose from. From there you pick your seat, visit the relevant bar of your food choice, pop your card on the 'points' machine and watch your meal being made from scratch.

I opted for the 'Salami E Ricotta Con Rucola' which contains spicy Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, pine nuts, onions, butter, white wine and rocket. Upon visiting the pasta bar I chose the penne pasta and additional flavours of garlic and chilli. The pasta tasted incredibly fresh, light and flavoursome, almost what I imagine it to be like in Italy itself!

What I really liked about the Vapiano concept is the range of pasta types you can choose from, the options your given when it's being made and the control over what goes into your dish. It not only means you can tweak the dishes to suit your personal taste but it also helps to accommodate dietary requirements.

Which brings me onto introducing the #EatPastaRunFaster campaign that Vapiano have introduced! They've teamed up with nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker to create two special diet plans. One is designed for runners (or those who do cardio) regularly and the other is for those prepping for a long distance race and require slow release energy. Both diet plans are well balanced and are designed to contain enough carbohydrates for energy but not enough for weight gain.

The 5 day diet plan for those who run regularly...

The 3 day pre race energy loading diet plan... 

Beki xo
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