Summer City Style Feat. MarcB Staten Croc Bag (*)
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Although it’s spring over the last week or so the weather has really given us a taste of summer and the brighter mornings and warm afternoons mean I can leave my trusty leather jacket hanging at home and not regret doing so.

The pre seasonal sun also gives me (and I’m sure many others) the biggest excuse to pick up some key wardrobe pieces and start prepping my style for those summer months. For me, this means I’ll be introducing tan shades, boyfriend shirts, sandals, slip dresses and more practical handbags.

So when I was contacted by MarcB and asked if I’d like to collaborate again with something from their new SS16 collection, (which is launching on the 23rd of May) of course I said yes! Their handbags are incredibly well made, affordable and diverse which for me ticks all the boxes in what I look for in a handbag.

For me, In Spring and Summer I prefer to opt for a smaller handbag where and when I can because who wants to be carrying around the ‘kitchen sink’ in humid weather? However that doesn’t mean that I want to sacrifice room for my essentials and that’s precisely what the MarcB Staten Black Croc doesn’t do.

I’m not one to splash out on handbags but I really like the look of an evening style designer handbag teamed with a casual day time style. There’s just something about adding an expensive accessory to a pair of pumps or a plain white tee that I think looks great. It’s so simple yet instantly changes an outfit from being overly relaxed to almost like you made the effort to look so casual.

The MarcB Staten Black Croc is the perfect designer-esque style handbag with a patent croc material, silver hardware; chain strap with croc shoulder detail and twist lock closure. The structured style of the handbag teamed with the details make the bag itself looks incredibly expensive *whispers* even though it’s from the high street.

It’s of course the perfect style handbag to team with a classic LBD and a pair of heels but it’s also the perfect size to fit your essentials and team it with a more day time look. Just like every MarcB bag, it is fully lined with a leopard print material and includes an inside zip pocket for your valuables. The outer croc material (although I’d be worried it’d get scratched very easily) is incredibly hard wearing and feels well made.

The SS16 MarcB collection (including the Staten Black Croc bag) will be launched on the 24th May 2016, so keep your eyes peeled!

Beki Xo
A Food Lovers Online Paradise - Caprera (*)

I’m more of an online shopper than one of those who ventures into a store and hopes to come out with everything I wanted because as we all know that rarely happens. But I also love the experience of shopping in my local butchers, fish mongers and/or cheesery so what if you could combine those two?

An online marketplace named ‘Caprera’ has done exactly that by introducing a food lover’s online paradise with the experience of a local indie shop. Their online store offers a wide range of food from independent artisan producers who individually specialise and focus on one type of product, so you’re basically getting the best of the best from what you choose.

From oils and seasoning, meat and cheeses, snacks and cereal, jams, honeys and preserves, confectionary to beverages, each range of product is linked to an individual whose passion is finding and sourcing the perfect ingredients to create their speciality product.

I was kindly sent a few items to get a taste of what Caprera has to offer and those items where far from your average bulk produced supermarket brand. The chutney was like nothing I've ever tasted before, a chunky texture and sharp taste of whiskey that would go hand in hand with a nutty, creamy cheese! The crackers are perfectly flavorsome with a soft yet crunchy texture and the fudge melted in the mouth with a smooth vanilla taste.

What I love most about the Caprera website is that you can ‘meet the maker’ of each product you purchase and find out more about them. This is clearly listed within each individual product which I think is the perfect personal touch, I mean how many places can you actually see whose put passion and effort into creating the product you’re about to consume? It's almost like walking into your local farm shop or weekend market and getting to know the owner without having to move from your couch.

Something else I love about Caprera is they offer gift cards and hampers for the all those foodie loving friends or family of yours who will appreciate something a little extra special. But If I’m perfectly honest I’d probably by one for myself! Even the general delivery packaging of individually chosen products is perfectly presented with shredded cardboard which as you can see even Hokey (my pet pygmy hedgehog) appreciates!

Beki Xo
My 5 Step Skincare Routine 

I think this is probably the first time I've gone bare faced on the internet I'm going to show you my skincare regime then it would be silly not to, right?

Personally for me, skincare is far more important than makeup, I prefer to spend my money on products that are going to sink into my skin rather than sit on top of it. After all it doesn’t matter how much you spend on makeup products, if your skin isn’t at its best then your cosmetics won’t be either.

My skin care regime changes from time to time depending on its condition and what products I’ve recently discovered. At the moment we’re heading into summer so my skin always becomes slightly dry around the T-zone and I am prone to the odd breakout or two.

The 3 main things I want from my skincare regime is that the products remove all traces of makeup, hydrate my skin and keep breakouts at bay.

1. Simple Makeup Remover Wipes

I use these to remove my eye makeup only. They have enough moisture in them to easily remove even waterproof mascara without stinging the eyes. They also don’t contain any harsh ingredients so they’re perfect for sensitive skin and great for convenience.

2. Absolution Micellar Water

After using a makeup wipe I usually opt for a miscellar water to quickly and effortlessly remove the rest of my makeup. This is a sample from Birch Box which I have been trying out for the last couple weeks and will 100% be purchasing the full sized product! Not only does it smell incredible (almost like a spa) but it contains natural and organic ingredients which make it incredibly green!

3. This Works Cleanse & Glow
I forgot how much I love gel melt cleansers until I hit bottom on my usual foam cleanser and opted for this balm. The balm itself is applied onto dry skin and massaged in; you can either leave it on for a couple minutes for a deep cleanse or add warm water and wipe away with a muslin cloth after you have covered all areas of the face to remove makeup. This product removes all excess makeup and also leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft.

4. La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray

Could it get any easier than a spray on toner? This toner is aimed towards those with blemish and oily skin to leave it spot free and matt. The great thing about this toner is that it doesn’t dry the skin out so it works perfectly on my combination skin targeting those pesky areas.  After cleansing I spray the product over my face and leave to dry before applying my chosen moisturiser.

5. This Works Light Time Skin Plumper

At the moment I’m switching between two moisturisers depending on what my skin needs. The This Works Light Time Skin Plumper is a morning and evening moisturiser that contains Persian Silk Tree extract and hyaluronic acid to smooth and plump up the skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and my makeup sits perfectly on top.

Origins Ginzing
If I’ve been out the night before or my skin is in need of a little energy with some brightening effects then I usually opt for the Origins Ginzing moisturiser.  It contains Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean to jump start the skin into drinking up the moisture. The product itself is incredibly light weight and smells like fresh grapefruit!

Origins High Potency Night-a-mins

If my skin is feeling a little dry and I need an overnight miracle then I always opt for the Origins Night-a-mins. As a mineral enriched renewal cream it contains a handful of vitamins to aid in resurfacing the skin and replenishing any lost moisture. The scent is incredibly relaxing (almost like a spa) which aid in feeling relaxed and waking up with brighter, softer skin.  

Beki Xo
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