6 Ways I Get Motivated To Work Out

It can be a little hard to get back into the swing of ‘working out’ after you’ve been off for a length of time or sometimes it can be struggle just to get motivated in the first place. 

In all honesty I hate getting ready to work out; I simply can’t be bothered to get changed and struggle to psych myself up to exercising. However, once I’ve peeled myself off the sofa, changed into my leggings and plugged in my headphones, I have a sudden wave of energy and I really enjoy the work out. 

Exercising releases serotonin and endorphins which both increase the feeling of happiness and wellbeing. The freeing of these chemicals in the body and the sound of my upbeat music playlist can make exercise pretty enjoyable... well i think so anyway!

But what do I do to get motivated in the first place?

1. Get in and get changed: As soon as a get home from work I change into my work out clothes. I never exercise in the same clothes twice so they’re always clean which means I feel fresh and comfortable (leggings and baggy tee’s all the way). It’s one less thing to do before I work out and being sat in my gym clothing means I feel more inclined to exercise. 

2. Oven on, makeup off: If I happen to be making dinner I’ll remove my makeup whilst I’m waiting for it to cook or If dinner is ready I’ll chow down before removing my makeup. Doing this as soon as possible means you’re already over half way prepped for exercising. 

3. Just keep pinning: If I’m resting after dinner or want half an hour to relax before I work out I hop onto Pinterest, search for work out warm up ideas or browse the general Health & Fitness section to see if I stumble across anything interesting and worth pinning.

4. Turn up the music and dance: Before I work out I pop on my gym track, either one I’ve already made or a random one on Spotify just to get motivated. My tracks range from running to general gym to dancing to sometimes party anthems, as long as it’s upbeat with a couple fast tracks in there for bursts of exercise I’m happy!

5. Just beat it and snap it: If you can’t track how long you’re spending exercising or you aren’t using any equipment that tells you then try using an App or investing in a product that will. If you set yourself a target then each time you reach your goal you can push yourself to ‘beat it’. Sometimes I track how many calories I’m burning and other times I track my distance. Chose one or the other but being in competition with yourself is a great way to get motivated. If you need further motivated I sometimes take photographs of my finished stats (calories or distance) and the next time I’ll try to push myself to do a little more so I can compare and see progress.

6. Get up and brush it off: It may sound a little silly and to be honest pretty darn obvious but sometimes you just need to tell yourself to shut up and just do it. Quit having that internal argument with yourself about whether you can be bothered or coming up with silly excuses. Brush that little devil off your shoulder, get up and get on with it.

For me once I’m prepped I really enjoy exercising and love the feeling afterwards of achievement or feeling physically tired as that’s when you know you’ve done a good job! Sometimes it just takes a couple minutes to psych yourself up and get energised. 

Beki Xo
My Everyday Makeup Products
My everyday makeup routine has been practically the same for years with a change of product here and there. The basics of it are a lightweight base with winged liner, a peach or rose blush and a brow fill, although I now prefer them more structured.

Over the years of trying out new makeup products and discovering some firm favourites these items are what I’ve been reaching for the past couple months…

The Base: 

Revlon ColorStay Foundation – Buff
This is a fairly recent purchase of mine. After wanting a little more coverage from my foundation I went on an online review hunt to find the best medium coverage base that was affordable and effective. The Revlon ColorStay Foundation came up top and after trying it out I can now say it’s the first foundation to rival (if not better) the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation which I’ve used for years and never found anything that’s come close… until now. The consistency is a medium to thick liquid with a medium/ high buildable coverage. On application the product smooths over the skin and leaves a flawless finish that doesn’t cling to dry patches or fine lines. The only negativity about this product is the fact it doesn’t have a pump however Revlon have hinted that this may soon be solved.

Maybelline The Eraser Eye – Light
A holy grail product in most online influencers makeup bags. Similar to the infamous Collection 2000 concealer this product has lived up to its hype and has become a popular concealer choice for many. However unlike the Collection 2000 concealer it’s far from drying, comes with a built in applicator (although some people don’t like that fact) and has incredible coverage and staying power.

Healthy Balance Face Powder – Light

I’ve used this product for years and although it’s not the best mattifying powder out there it does the job. It helps to keep my foundation in place, doesn’t cling to dry arears and leaves a semi matt finish.

The Eyes: 

The Bodyshop Eyeshadow – Champagne & Gold
This also doubles as a highlighter as I either use it across my brow / cheek bone or all over my eye lid. It is the perfect everyday shade to aid In brightening and opening the eye area with a subtle, natural shimmer.

Bourjois Clubbing Liquid Liner – Black

I’ve used this product since I was a teen and although on many occasions I’ve strayed from it to try out ‘hyped’ liquid liners nothing comes close and I’ve always gone back to it. It has ridiculous staying power, leaves a jet black finish, doesn’t dry out and it super easy to apply. The best thing about this product is that it has a thin nib applicator there for you can either use it along the lash line to give a natural look or thicken it up for a dramatic cat eye.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara – Black
Max Factor are the rulers of the mascara world as far as I’m concerned. I’ve tried a number of Max Factor mascara’s and can honestly say that they’ve all been great however the False Lash Effect mascara has been the one I’ve reached for every time. It’s thick rounded barrel and plastic brush means it grips the lashes and individually coats them whilst they curl around the end.

The Cheeks:

Vivo Baked Blush – Peaches & Cream
I’ve had this blusher for probably longer than I should keep it however it’s a great dupe for the Nar’s Orgasm blush with a rosy, peach base and gold undertones. I believe it is Tesco’s owned brand and is now back in stock! 

The Brows:

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade - Dark Brown
I actually rediscovered this product after sat in my drawer for a month post failing to create those soft, structured brows that litter the internet. However after testing a couple techniques I actually found my own way of applying the product which works best for me. To rid those harsh lines and squared off brow ends I simple damped my angled brush with micellar water on a cotton pad to wipe off product or dampen by brush to help smudge lines and brush across

The Lips: 

The BodyShop Colour Crush Lipstick – Rush Of Pink
The BodyShop lipstick range is totally underrated. These lipsticks have high pigmentation, are extremely moisturising and feel like luxurious brand but with an affordable price tag. The Rush Of Pink lipstick is a baby pink shade with blue undertones and a slight sheen, it makes a great everyday lipstick.

Beki Xo

The Marc B Knightsbridge: A Classic Handbag (*)
Dress - Lipsy, Shoes, Newlook, Belt - H&M, Bag - Marc B
I own so many handbags that I couldn’t even count them all on both hands however there’s always been that one type of bag that has been missing from my collection.

I’ve got backpacks, totes, shoppers, clutches, across body bags, satchels, so on and so forth but not that classic quilted shoulder bag. You know the one, the type you try not to fix your eyes on in the display window because the price is pretty extortionate and you forever wonder what it’s like to own one… yeah that one.

But for those who dream of owning the infamous style of handbag and are unable to take the pricey plunge or if you want something a little more glamorous for day/ night then I’ve got the golden ticket.

The Marc B Knightsbridge in black/ pewter quilted shoulder bag is the perfect classic handbag that you need in your collection. It’s big enough that you can load it with all your ‘necessities’ in the day time or team it with your LBD for a night on the town. The glamorous pewter chain can be doubled up to form a shoulder bag or just grab the one to instantly turn it into across-body chain.

The bag itself is incredibly well made; the softly structured shape and size is practical and the faux leather feels as though it could withstand wear and tear. The slight texture of the quilted material and twist lock closure give this bag a sophisticated look and finish it off nicely.

The interior of the bag contains a phone slip pocket and a front zip pocket for valuables, all lined with the signature leopard print material. The effort that has been put into producing this bag shows as I think it looks a lot more expensive that it actually is and if you ask be it could pass as a 4 figure price designer handbag!

Beki Xo 
Mothers Day With Yankee Candle  (*)
So you're in a frenzy about what to buy your Mum for Mothers Day and there's no doubt you're going to opt for a regular bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. In all fairness Mums do appreciate a pretty array of petals and an indulgent treat now and then but what about something a little different this year?

I personally am obsessed with candles, whenever i come across a pretty jar, an unusual scent or a novelty accessory I'll throw my purse at it. They're just one of those things that everybody owns and they're great to have around the house whether you want to relax with a calming scent, perk up the room with something more spicy or make you're home feel a little more welcoming...candles are the go to product. 

So, when i was given the opportunity to review one of Yankee Candles gift sets of course i wasn't going to say no! 

To opt for something a little more than just your regular Yankee Jar i chose the fruity Red Raspberry Large Jar and Illumalid Gift Set. The packaging of the product is littered with pastel hearts making it the perfect present for someone you love to say thank you. The candle itself has a sweet, fruity scent similar to a sugary jam or a raspberry crumble. 

The illumalid is a metal heart shaped accessory that you pop onto the lit yankee candle and it disperses pretty heart shaped lights across the room as well as aiding the candle to burn steadier and the scent to evenly disperse. This can be placed on top of any of Yankee Candles large jars to its the perfect little reusable gift!

Beki Xo 

My February Beauty Favourites
So to round up what beauty and makeup products I've been endlessly using this month I've put together a list of my February favourites with a mini review of what I love them...

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer
This is a great day to day primer to wear with natural makeup. It has a cream to serum like consistency that evenly spreads over the skin and dries leaving the skin looking matt and smooth. Although it helps to mattify foundation it does so about 85% with the 15% letting your skin breath and a small about of natural oils seep through leaving a healthy look to your foundation but keeping your skin semi-matt as the day goes on.

L’Oréal Paris True Match Minerals
Mineral powders are one of those makeup products I simply put back in the drawer, forget about and then rediscover it again a few weeks down the line. The L’Oréal True Match Minerals is a perfectly affordable high street mineral powder with (surprisingly) light to high coverage. This is because the product is easily buildable and there for can be used as a full foundation or a finishing powder to add a touch more coverage to your base. It leaves a semi matt finish and doesn’t clog pores or sit between fine lines meaning your skin can breathe throughout wear.

Elemis Hydra-Balance Day Cream
I’ve been using this product for a month or so now and I never gave it the credit it deserved until I swapped moisturisers and noticed a complete change in my skin. The Hydra-Balance Day Cream is perfectly suited for combination skin as it helps to hydrate dry arears whilst regulating oil production and giving an overall smooth supple finish. It has a cream to serum like consistency which after applied to the skin leaves it looking ‘blurred’ and ready for further product application.

Insta Natural Skin Clearing Spot Treatment
This again is another product I’ve recently rediscovered after clearing out my drawers. The Insta Natural Skin Clearing Spot Treatment contains salicylic acid which helps to reduce redness in spots overnight and/or protect the surface during the day. It does tingle a little upon application using a Q-tip but dries quickly and has noticeable results in the morning (if you apply overnight). It’s great for those pesky unpredicted break outs!

Murad AHA/ BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
I’ve been using the Murad cleanser after cleaning my skin to exfoliate any dead skin cells and also rid any further build up that wasn’t removed during my skincare regime. It contains tiny jojoba beads to gently polish the skin as well as a trio of acids to brighten and dissolve cell build up. After using the cleanser my skin feels incredible clean, smooth and prepped for the rest of my skincare regime.

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash
Firstly, the smell of this is incredible like fresh peppermint and it is perfectly suited for those with combination/ dry or oily skin as it balances out by protecting dry areas and reduce oily in others. A little goes a long way with this product as a 5p amount triples in size once a splash of water is added. The product itself leaves your skin feeling awake, fresh and bright, perfect for those early mornings!

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins
This has firmly become my new favourite overnight moisturiser as it deeply penetrates the skin to resurface, enrich with vitamins and minerals as well as slough away dead skin cells. If my skin is in need of moisture and looks a little dull I always turn to this as it replenishes overnight to reveal a softer, firmer and healthier looking skin in the morning. It also smells incredible!

Max Factor Masterpiece Rose Nude Palette
I’ve been obsessing over this eye shadow palette ever since I got hold of it. The warm, velvety and highly pigmented shades are similar to that of a high end brand and for less than half the price. It comes in a reasonably sized palette that’s easy to pop into your handbag if you want to go from a day to night time look.  You can see my full review >here<.

Sleek Matt Me Liquid Lip in Birthday Suit
I’ve had this liquid lipstick for a while now and although I love matt lipsticks I’m never keen on that dry and uncomfortable sensation after an hour or so wear. However by popping on a clear lip gloss or a dab of lip balm over the top it helps to keep your lips hydrated and prevent the lipstick from cracking. The Sleek Matt Me range is incredibly durable, highly pigmented and can take a large number of cocktails before it even budges.

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in On Point
I’ve only recently discovered this brand after receiving the product in my February Birch Box. It is a cream based eye shadow stick with a rose champagne silver tone. It smoothes over the skin and can be smudged easily to blend as a highlighter or across the lid as a base shadow. I find that it just doesn’t budge, is incredibly waterproof and doesn’t fade throughout the day.

Sleep Plus Pillow Spray
The Sleep Plus Pillow Spray has been on my list of things to try for a year or so now but I didn’t want to take the plunge in buying it just in case it wasn’t for me. However, I finally have my hands on it and after 4 weeks of use it’s been a helping hand when it comes to a good night sleep. It has a lavender scent mixed with other various essential oils that smell incredibly relaxing (similar to a holistic spa) and help you to mentally and physically wind down.

Beki Xo
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