Max Factor Masterpieces Nudes - Rose Nudes 

Max Factor is one of my favourite brands when it comes to mascara however I’ve never really gone to the Max Factor counter for anything else, so when I spotted a deal on cosmetics it was a great opportunity to discover something new.  

The Max Factor Masterpiece Nudes collection is a set of 3 buildable eye shadow palettes that contain matt, shimmer and sparkly shades. Each palette is perfectly suited to flatter 3 different skin tones from cool to warm to those with a deeper tone.  

I purchased the Rose Nudes palette purely because I fell in love with the dusky pinks, shimmering rose golds and deep seductive purples, the fact it's ‘ideal’ for my cool skin tone was a bonus!

The palette itself contains 8 velvety baked shades that have buildable coverage to create a subtle day to night time look.

The pigmentation in these palettes is impressive for a £14.99 product and they’re incredibly easy to build up and blend. The rosy-rich shades are similar to those of a high end product so to have something like this on the high street with such multi-dimensional textures is a great find.

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Brand Focus: Eloquence Luxury Skincare Review (*)

Eloquence is a 4-step daily skin care regime consisting of a cleanser, serum, eye moisturiser and 24 hour repair cream. It also contains an additional beauty oil for that extra helping hand when it comes to looking after your hair skin and nails. The products themselves contain a natural antioxidant that helps to boost the healing and look of the skin as well as being colour, chemical, perfume and cruelty free.

1.     Eloquence Facial Cleanser
This purifying cleanser contains coconut and cucumber to leave skin feeling refreshed and clean. The silky texture and thick consistency means that you only need a small pea sized amount to gain the benefits of a deep cleanse in one go. On application the product glides over the skin and with a splash over water instantly begins to foam and cleanse the skin. The result is fresh, clean and peachy soft skin.

2.     Eloquence Firm and Tone Serum
The Eloquence serum also contains coconut but with a mix of glycerine and hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth the appearance of the skin. The magic of this product is that it smooths over pores and wrinkles leaving an invisible non-stick coating to protect the skin. The only trouble I found with the serum is that upon application of makeup you do need that extra bit of help from either a matt face primer or finishing powder. However if you already have oily skin it’s easy to skip this step.

3.     Eloquence Firming and Moisturiser Eye Gel
I’m not usually one for eye cream as I’ve previously had issues with millia’s around my eye area however since learning that the eye gel’s should go no higher than your eye socket itself (approx. 1cm down) I’m more confident with using them. This eye gel contains hyaluronic acid to target dark circles and reduce puffiness. It’s extremely refreshing on the eye area and makes my eye feel more ‘awake’.

4.     Eloquence Protect and Repair 24 Cream
My favourite from the skincare regime as it contains UVA and UVB protection as well as hyaluronic acid to hydrate and replenish skin throughout the day or night. I found that it reduces my open pores, smoothed over any fine lines and made my skin feel supple and fresh.

Nourishing Treatment Oil
This treatment oil has been blended with coconut and almond oil to renew and repair the skin. It can be used on skin hair and nails and I actually love to use it as an overnight facial oil to quench my skins thirst when it’s looking tired and dry.

I’ve been using these products every day for 3-4 weeks and I’m not only surprised how far the products themselves go (a little goes a long way) but how noticeable the results have been to my friends. I’ve been asked multiple times how and why my skin looks so smooth and plump and it must have been down to using Eloquence! The products themselves are great on their own but together they work incredibly!

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Healthy Chocolate Coffee Mug Cake Recipe (*)

Coffee is a substance that i consume on a daily basis (without question), its also a type of flavour that I'm drawn too when it comes to cakes, drinks and chocolate. Expresso martinis, tiramisu and dark chocolate coated coffee beans are 3 of my favourite things to indulge in! So, in collaboration with a well known coffee brand Lavazza and their 'Caffeinated Campaign' to celebrate 120 years of Lavazza coffee I've experimented in the kitchen to come up with my very own healthy version of the infamous Chocolate Coffee Mug Cakes.

It's something you can throw together just for yourself, takes 5 minutes and is pretty much guilt free!

You Will Need:
1-2 tsp coconut milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp ground coffee
3/4 tsp coconut oil
1 1.2 tsp Honey
2 small tsp Raw Cacao Powder
2 heap tsp Coconut Flour
1 pinch of baking soda
1 pinch of salt

How To:
1. Pop the coconut oil (in the microwave-safe mug) in the microwave for approx 20 seconds then add together the ground coffee, honey, vanilla extract and quickly whisk with a fork
2. Once the ingredients have blended together, add the coconut flour and cacao into the mixture and fold
3. Next pour in the coconut milk, baking soda and salt and mix the ingredients together until smooth
4. If the mixture looks a little too stiff add a drizzle of honey or a splash more of coconut milk. The texture should have a medium consistency similar to a standard brownie mixture.
5. Once the mixture looks smooth, pop it into the microwave for 35 seconds for a fudgey consistency or 50-60 seconds for a more sponge cake texture.

I did leave my mug in the microwave for a little longer than i wanted so it was more of a cake like texture than gooey fudge however once in the mouth the ingredients melted into guilt-free chocolate coffee goodness!

For more Lavazza coffee recipes visit their Recipe Page!

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20 Ways To Act Like A Successful Vlogger

Over the last few years you may of noticed that Vloggers have developed their own clichés of smashed avocado lunch meetings, instagrammed latte art and a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick collection. It seems that there's a certain lifestyle that comes with being a successful YouTube star and although I'm in no way out to offend anyone (as some of these I do myself) I thought it'd be amusing to share some of those 'vlogger' things I've picked up on that have become such clichés...
  1. Start your Vlog apologising for the lack of makeup and obvious breakouts
  2. Only hang out with other Youtubers in your Vlog’s
  3. Mention you’ve just had an exciting meeting or new project but you can’t say what yet
  4. Remember, Sunday Riley is your holy-grail face oil
  5. Share photographs of yourself outside Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Liberty's etc etc
  6. Drive a Fiat 500
  7. Start a Vlog looking as though you’ve just woken up and reached for your camera
  8. Buy yourself foil number balloons when it’s your birthday and photograph it
  9. Live or move near to The Big Smoke
  10. Make Selfridges your one stop go to beauty shop
  11. Eat out for lunch as much as you can especially for meetings
  12. Purchase your first designer handbag and feel the need to mention that you've been saving for it for years
  13. Eat macaroons, cupcakes and donuts or at least photograph them
  14. Mention at least once in your vlog that you need to ‘run some errands…’
  15. Walk around with fresh flowers and take some outfit photos
  16. Instagram yourself doing a yoga style pose
  17. Own a ridiculous amount of Lush bath bombs
  18. Mention in your Vlog's that you’ve been up since and ungodly hour editing
  19. Own at least one Jo Malone perfume
  20. Pop your camera on the dashboard and vlog whilst driving
Let me know if you've thought of any more 'Vlogger Clichés' in the comments!

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New Year, New Natural Skincare Regime (*)

It has recently been revealed that we women come into contact with a staggering average of 515 chemicals a day. Now that’s just chemicals used in our everyday skin care and makeup routine so I’d hate to see what amount chemical compounds we slather on our skin during a pamper routine!

Many chemicals used in beauty products are also found in your average household cleaners that are linked to skin sensitivity, allergies and the outcome of some minor skin problems.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to scare you from wearing your favourite perfume, washing your hair with that silky smooth shampoo or dabbing on that brightening eye cream. I just want to show you what we smother onto our bodies can affect our skin type and the way it looks. Just because that product says it aids in ‘banishing blackheads’ or has ‘healthy’ consumable ingredients such as grapefruit doesn’t mean its natural nor that it will do the job without affecting the rest of your skin.

I’m a huge believer of using natural, cruelty free and organic products that are free from those sulphate nasties. No, I’m not vegetarian or vegan and I won’t go as far not buying a lipstick because it contains a chemical. However when it comes to my skin I know how it can react, how quickly blemishes appear and how dry it can get (strangely) in the Summer, so I like to use products that are as natural, calming and nourishing as possible.

So, with a New Year comes a new skincare regime. SkinSincere is an organic, natural, cruelty free, chemical free, vitamin packed (try saying that in one mouthful) skincare brand based in Shropshire and created by Gemma Allies. Being a healthy lifestyle enthusiast I was lucky enough to be sent some products to try and have now adopted these as my new natural skincare regime! So what makes these products so great?

Aloe Vera Cleanser
Product – The consistency of the cleanser is quite thick with a creamy base and natural aloe vera scent. It contains extracts of apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, plum kernel, aloe vera leaf juice and palm kernel oil so is extremely nourishing and a healthy source of food for your skin.  

Application – It’s advised to pump the product onto a cotton pad and wipe over the face however I preferred to massage the product over my face and then gently work a cotton pad over the skin. It worked impressively well to melt away my makeup and remove any excess dirt/ oils without the need to use 100 cotton pads in the process.

Result – The cleanser itself left my skin feeling hydrated, clean and refreshed. I was impressed to see that before using any other product the cleanser had already aided in calming any small breakouts.

Aloe Vera Skin Polish
Product – The product has a light to medium oil like consistency with small beads of pumice stone to gently exfoliate the skin.  It also contains extracts of apricot kernel, coconut oil, avocado oil, crushed walnut, palm kernel oil and aloe vera leaf juice.

Application – As mentioned the consistency is quite ‘gloopy’ which as first I wasn’t too keen on as the application was a little messy upon transfer and meant the product separated over the skin too thinly (for me personally). However the consistency could aid in distributing the product thinly over the skin so it doesn’t irritate or harm and I did find that it worked perfectly with facial brush! I use a manual one and massaged the product around the skin in swift circular motions.

Result – The polish left my skin feeling smooth, soft and super clean. Surprisingly for a face polish it also didn’t irritate any breakouts and left my skin feeling fresh without any redness. 

Aloe Vera Moisturiser
Product – A thick, almost whipped consistency with a familiar natural aloe vera scent. Best thing about this product is a little goes a long way! It contains extracts such as aloe vera, olive oil, sunflower seed, coconut oil, shea butter, oatmeal and apricot kernel oil.

Application – I scooped a small amount of product onto my finger (a little more than 5p size) and massaged the product into my skin in an upwards motion. The product does take a little extra time to work into the skin but after a little extra TLC my skin drank up the product and felt amazing.

Result – The moisturiser left my skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated without leaving any grease or tackiness. It helped to calm my breakouts before applying my makeup and almost felt like it left a protective barrier (similar to a primer).

Overall Results
After using the 3 products in a skincare regime for just over a week now I was impressed to see that my ‘indulgent festive’ breakouts had cleared quite quickly and my overall skin looked healthy and happy. So if you’re after a New Year, new natural skin care regime you should check out SkinSincere and their impressive range of products that give you bang for your buck!

 Beki Xo
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