#EatPastaRunFaster at Vapiano Manchester

Sunday, May 08, 2016
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#EatPastaRunFaster at Vapiano Manchester (*)

There's so many restaurants in Manchester it can be a challenge to pick one that offers something a little different but that's precisely what this German chain has done. I know what you're thinking, pizza and pasta is Italian right? Yes but Vapiano first opening its doors in Germany as a fast, casual restaurant chain offering Italian food and they've now brought that concept to Manchester.

So what makes Vapiano differ from the rest? First of all it has an unusual concept with a food hall style, self service system which means you can see your food made freshly in front of you.

The restaurant itself has a number of bars that specialise in pasta, pizza, antipasti and desserts. On arrival you're given a 'dining card' and an extensive menu to choose from. From there you pick your seat, visit the relevant bar of your food choice, pop your card on the 'points' machine and watch your meal being made from scratch.

I opted for the 'Salami E Ricotta Con Rucola' which contains spicy Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, pine nuts, onions, butter, white wine and rocket. Upon visiting the pasta bar I chose the penne pasta and additional flavours of garlic and chilli. The pasta tasted incredibly fresh, light and flavoursome, almost what I imagine it to be like in Italy itself!

What I really liked about the Vapiano concept is the range of pasta types you can choose from, the options your given when it's being made and the control over what goes into your dish. It not only means you can tweak the dishes to suit your personal taste but it also helps to accommodate dietary requirements.

Which brings me onto introducing the #EatPastaRunFaster campaign that Vapiano have introduced! They've teamed up with nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker to create two special diet plans. One is designed for runners (or those who do cardio) regularly and the other is for those prepping for a long distance race and require slow release energy. Both diet plans are well balanced and are designed to contain enough carbohydrates for energy but not enough for weight gain.

The 5 day diet plan for those who run regularly...

The 3 day pre race energy loading diet plan... 

Beki xo
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  1. I absolutely love this post and it's just what I needed to read <3 I love the idea of using others as inspiration and motivation.