A Food Lovers Online Paradise - Caprera

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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A Food Lovers Online Paradise - Caprera (*)

I’m more of an online shopper than one of those who ventures into a store and hopes to come out with everything I wanted because as we all know that rarely happens. But I also love the experience of shopping in my local butchers, fish mongers and/or cheesery so what if you could combine those two?

An online marketplace named ‘Caprera’ has done exactly that by introducing a food lover’s online paradise with the experience of a local indie shop. Their online store offers a wide range of food from independent artisan producers who individually specialise and focus on one type of product, so you’re basically getting the best of the best from what you choose.

From oils and seasoning, meat and cheeses, snacks and cereal, jams, honeys and preserves, confectionary to beverages, each range of product is linked to an individual whose passion is finding and sourcing the perfect ingredients to create their speciality product.

I was kindly sent a few items to get a taste of what Caprera has to offer and those items where far from your average bulk produced supermarket brand. The chutney was like nothing I've ever tasted before, a chunky texture and sharp taste of whiskey that would go hand in hand with a nutty, creamy cheese! The crackers are perfectly flavorsome with a soft yet crunchy texture and the fudge melted in the mouth with a smooth vanilla taste.

What I love most about the Caprera website is that you can ‘meet the maker’ of each product you purchase and find out more about them. This is clearly listed within each individual product which I think is the perfect personal touch, I mean how many places can you actually see whose put passion and effort into creating the product you’re about to consume? It's almost like walking into your local farm shop or weekend market and getting to know the owner without having to move from your couch.

Something else I love about Caprera is they offer gift cards and hampers for the all those foodie loving friends or family of yours who will appreciate something a little extra special. But If I’m perfectly honest I’d probably by one for myself! Even the general delivery packaging of individually chosen products is perfectly presented with shredded cardboard which as you can see even Hokey (my pet pygmy hedgehog) appreciates!

Beki Xo
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