10 Ways To Prep For Your First Blogger Event

Wednesday, February 03, 2016
10 Ways To Prep For Your First Blogger Event

You’ve been invited to attend your first blogging event, you’re a little nervous and you don’t know what to expect? Don’t back out last minute, your first event may be a little nerve wracking but once you've been to one you'll know what to expect when you're invited to the next. After you've taken part in a couple or so blogger events you'll start to see some familiar faces whom you'll be able to catch at future events!

1. Find out who is going. Search Twitter hashtags, Facebook groups or ask the brand for a list. If you know who to expect you won’t miss out on making connections or meeting blogger friends.

2. Plan your journey. Make sure you know exactly where the event is being held, organise your transport for both the inward and outward journey and find nearby points of reference so you don’t get lost. This way you won’t fret that you’re going to get lost or be late!

3. Get there early. If it’s your first event you, the earlier the better to give you chance to talk to the brand and also make acquaintances as they slowly filter through the door. Obviously don’t get there an hour before but a good 5 minutes earlier is perfect. Sometimes bloggers end up in their own little ‘catch up’ groups so it’s nice to get there before groups start to form.

4. Dress to impress. Wear something you feel confident in or buy something new. Usually the dress code for blogging events is pretty casual (unless stated) so don’t feel the need to wear something like a party dress however if you feel more confident in a sparkly number then wear it!

5. If you’re a little nervous about being the first there or don’t want to go alone, find a blogger friend to partner up with. Simply ask on Twitter or Facebook if anyone wants to meet before, there are usually a handful of people who are going alone and would love the company too!  

6. Know that blogging events can be quite similar. They usually consist of food, drink, demonstrations and hands on product testing. You’re never pressured and are free to wonder around to take photos, talk to bloggers, brands and generally sample what’s on show.  

7. Keep an eye on Twitter hashtag and learn names. Once you’ve been at the event for half an hour or so have a quick look on Twitter for the hashtag. See who’s using it, find them in the room using their profile photo and approach them by asking if they’re (insert name or twitter handle). Yes, it’s that easy to get talking to another blogger!

8. Take blogging business cards. If you don’t have any printed it’s not the end of the world but business cards are a great way to pass on your details to brands and other bloggers if you’ve discussed collaborating.

9. Bring your camera! Whether it's your phone, digital camera or an SLR you may or may not use it depending on the event you're going too but always take it just in case! Sometimes i get snap happy at events If I'm looking too create a blog post from it but other times I've got too involved chatting about the products and catching up with fellow blogger friends that I've forgot!

10. Don’t back out last minute. Consider all the time and effort the brand has put into hosting the event, the worst thing to do (unless you have a reason then do email them ASAP before the event) is to not show up and not let them know. Your space could have gone to someone else who would happily take it up, so go. Even if you don’t stay for the whole event, turning up for as long as you can means you’ll stay on the brands books and they’ll thank you for showing your face! 

Beki Xo
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  1. A great post! I've only been to one blogger event so far and loved it! It definitely helped meeting up with people beforehand though just so you weren't walking in alone and not knowing anyone!

    Katie xo | KTMY

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