20 Ways To Act Like A Successful Vlogger

Sunday, January 10, 2016
20 Ways To Act Like A Successful Vlogger

Over the last few years you may of noticed that Vloggers have developed their own clichés of smashed avocado lunch meetings, instagrammed latte art and a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick collection. It seems that there's a certain lifestyle that comes with being a successful YouTube star and although I'm in no way out to offend anyone (as some of these I do myself) I thought it'd be amusing to share some of those 'vlogger' things I've picked up on that have become such clichés...
  1. Start your Vlog apologising for the lack of makeup and obvious breakouts
  2. Only hang out with other Youtubers in your Vlog’s
  3. Mention you’ve just had an exciting meeting or new project but you can’t say what yet
  4. Remember, Sunday Riley is your holy-grail face oil
  5. Share photographs of yourself outside Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Liberty's etc etc
  6. Drive a Fiat 500
  7. Start a Vlog looking as though you’ve just woken up and reached for your camera
  8. Buy yourself foil number balloons when it’s your birthday and photograph it
  9. Live or move near to The Big Smoke
  10. Make Selfridges your one stop go to beauty shop
  11. Eat out for lunch as much as you can especially for meetings
  12. Purchase your first designer handbag and feel the need to mention that you've been saving for it for years
  13. Eat macaroons, cupcakes and donuts or at least photograph them
  14. Mention at least once in your vlog that you need to ‘run some errands…’
  15. Walk around with fresh flowers and take some outfit photos
  16. Instagram yourself doing a yoga style pose
  17. Own a ridiculous amount of Lush bath bombs
  18. Mention in your Vlog's that you’ve been up since and ungodly hour editing
  19. Own at least one Jo Malone perfume
  20. Pop your camera on the dashboard and vlog whilst driving
Let me know if you've thought of any more 'Vlogger Clichés' in the comments!

Beki Xo
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  1. This made me laugh! So funny yet so true :)
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

    1. Hah thanks, i cant help but notice these more now! x

  2. Hilarious post! Vloggers are absolutely guilty of all of these...bloggers as well are especially guilty of the macaroon and standing before shops like Chanel thing. Like, no...I actually DON'T believe you were shopping in Chanel. ;)

    xoxo - Kelly

    1. Its funny how they have become such cliches! x

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