Beauty Lab Peptide Tanning Lotion & Overnight Repair Cream (*) 

It's very rare that I'll splurge on just one beauty product as it's a well known fact you don't always get what you pay for. However after trialing and testing a small handful of products from Beauty Lab over the past few months I can honestly say they're worth handing over that extra bit of cash than you'd typically pay for high street skincare. 

Beauty Lab Peptide Tanning Lotion
One of my all-time favourite multitasking tanning lotions, the Beauty Lab Peptide Tanning Lotion contains a blended mix of cocoa, rose petal, passionflower, guava, and melon to create a deeply hydrating formula suitable for sensitive skin. The application is fuss free although it isn’t tinted so there have been a couple of occasions where I haven’t scrubbed my hands properly before going to bed and woken up to muddy paws. However aside from that the overall application is quick and easy as the formula sinks in beautifully without leaving the skin tacky and has a light floral scent. A big tip to remember with the tanning lotion is a little goes a long way and this rule will also help prevent streaking. The results not only leave the skin feeling super soft (almost like the feel after applying talc) and toned but also provide a light-medium buildable golden glow. 

Beauty Lab Overnight Repair Cream
I’ve previously tried and tested the Beauty Lab Skin Perfecting Moisturiser which I absolutely loved >review here< and the Beauty Lab Overnight Repair Cream doesn’t disappoint! Rich in peptides, collagen and retinol 'A' the formula aids in reducing the effects of ageing, blemishes, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. Although yes, I don’t have mature skin or any signs of ageing (just yet!) the moisturiser is beneficial to penetrating deeper into the skin, enriching dry areas and aiding in the reduction of blemishes. The formula itself is a thick consistency there for a little does goes a long way but it smoothes over the skin like silk and instantly quenches its thirst. The morning after the night before effects are incredible as my T Zone is prone to dry patches and this cream helps to hydrate those areas, calm and reduce the appearance of breakouts as well as leaving the skin looking and feeling plumper. 

You can pick up Beauty Lab online or at Harvey Nichols!

Beki Xo 
Healthy Food Cupboard Favourites 

My food cupboard ranges from being completely empty to fully stocked but what are my healthy favourites that i continuously stock up on?

Coconut Oil
We all know that everyone’s cooking with coconut oil, well it seems that way anyway. However this stuff is ridiculously versatile from cooking to baking to skincare to hair care to health. I do cook with coconut oil a lot as a little goes a long way, it doesn’t flavour the food (luckily) but helps the food to cook nicely and not stick to the pan. I also use it to make my own granola which if you haven’t seen the recipe you can discover it  >here<.  

Biona Organic Rye Bread
I don’t eat bread that often if at all to be honest but when I do I try to opt for something healthy that doesn’t contain heaps of sugar or have that bloating effect (which comes from white carbs). Rye bread is a healthy alternative and I much prefer it to normal bread. It’s has its own taste, a slight chewy texture when toasted and is very filling. I like to eat it with almond butter, smoked salmon and cream cheese or smashed avocado for breakfast! I wouldn’t eat it without toasted it as I find the taste is very different different and the texture quite crumbly.

Blue Diamond Almonds
Almonds are great for snacking in between meals as they are filling, provide good fats to the body and are a healthier alternative. I typically sprinkle them on yoghurt or snack on the plain almonds… until I discovered the Smokehouse brand. They’re equally as healthy as plain almonds however they’re full of flavour and aid in curbing that savoury mid-afternoon craving. My favourites are the Smokehouse BBQ and Wasabi!

Nakd Bakewell Tart
One of my favourite ‘sweet treat’ brands, made entirely of natural ingredients and vegan friendly. Nakd bars are packed with flavour and goodness and I thought I couldn’t choose a favourite until I discovered the Bakewell Tart flavour! By popping them in the fridge both the texture and the taste  exactly like a Bakewell Tart/ Christmas Cake! A few more of my favourites are gingerbread, cocoaloco and cocoa orange.

Crespo Olives
I use to buy olives in a jar/ tub and have to rush to finish them before they go out of date however with the Crespo resealable packets I can get 2 portions of olives to either snack or add to salads without feeling the need to finish the tub. The green olives with chilli peppers are my favourite flavour that has a sweet, fresh olive taste with a spicy kick.

Meridan Almond Butter
Since discovering almond butter I’ve set aside my usual ‘extra light, fat free’ margarine and replaced it with this jar of tasty nutty butter. Of course it is still high in fat (but healthy fats) so a little needs to go a long way however the taste isn’t at all as sweet as you’d expect and in fact adds a nuttiness to whatever you decide to spread it over or layer on top! My favourite almond butter snack? Rye bread, banana and almond butter.

Nakd Nibbles
The latest edition to the Nakd product family, Nakd Nibbles are essentially the Nakd bar cut into small bite size pieces. I actually prefer these as it feels as though the packet lasts a lot longer than the bars themselves. The flavours in the range are incredible, my favourite being Coconut Bliss and Tutti Frutti (yes It does taste like tutti frutti!) as they range from dessert flavours to sweet shop treats.

Holland & Barrett Omega 3 Mix
A great way to get your daily fill of Omega 3, I use the Holland & Barrett sprinkled over yoghurt and honey, mixed into my porridge, blended into smoothers, baked into muffins and to snack on! It’s a mix of healthy nuts and seeds from pumpkin to linseed that can be added to anything and can turn a plain yoghurt into something more interest and filling.

Linwoods Flaxseed
In infamous flaxseed, a talked amount health product that has introduced itself onto the shelves of our local supermarkets. However the truth is this stuff (similar to Omega 3 mix) is a great way to get Omega 3, vitamins, minerals and enzymes into your daily diet without gorging on fruit, vegetables and fish. A versatile product that can be added into baking, blended into protein shakes, sprinkled on yoghurt and added to your everyday cereal. Easy, simple and a quick health kick.

Beki Xo
A Bloggers Guide To Brighter Eyes - with Optrex (*)

I have to say I’ve never really been fussed about eye products, they’re just one of those things you never think of picking up unless you really need to. However, my eyes are quite sensitive and due to having a job working on a computer for 8hrs a day, blogging and having an unfortunate bout of hay fever tend to get dry, irritated and uncomfortable.

The only problem that previously put me off buying eye drops, washes and sprays was the plain and simple fact I wear makeup… non waterproof mascara + eye drops = a big no, no. However my eyes where becoming too sensitive and the constant discomfort become a big problem, so I researched eye products and came across the Optrex Actimist Eye Spray which is my daily saviour!

Since this discovery I’ve also been introduced to more Optrex Eye Products and use some of them on a daily basis.

Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash

“Optrex Multi Action Eyewash for tired, uncomfortable, irritated eyes is so versatile; it’s a must-have for your first aid kit. Balanced at the natural pH level of tears and enriched with plant extracts, it gently helps to remove dust, make-up and other particles that can easily get trapped on the surface of your eye.”

If you’re a little uncomfortable about using eye drops then this product is great. It comes with a small deep lid in which you fill 1/3 with the liquid, press it gently eye socket so its sealed, slowly lift your head up, open up the eye and rock your head side to side. I like to use this in the evenings if my eyes are feeling irritated due to the effects from the day and just in case there’s any trapped makeup after removing it. It doesn’t sting although your eyes do ‘weep’ for a couple minutes after the wash although this is as the product is still washing away any dirt or particles. 
Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops

“The formulation contains specially designed ingredients that replenish your tears, lubricating your eyes so you can feel an immediate difference.”

In all honestly I’m a little ‘iffy’ when it comes too eye drops however I have developed a technique of tilted my head and then dropping the liquid in from the corner of the eye. I’ve actually popped these into my makeup bag just in case my eyes feel a little irritated in the morning before I apply my makeup. I wouldn’t use these on a daily basis as I do use the Actimist Eye Spray throughout the day but unlike the eye wash this product does sting a little and ‘weeping’ again is expected in order afterwards to clean the eye.

Optrex Actimist 2in1 Eye Spray

“Optrex ActiMist 2in 1 Eye Spray locks in moisture by repairing your eye’s natural moisture layer, moisturises around the eyes for beautiful looking skin, provides instant relief for up to 4 hours and won’t smudge eye make-up.  Safe to use with contact lenses.”

My favourite ever Optrex product, when I first researched and read reviews on this little spray I was a little pessimistic that a spray used on closed eyes could sink in through the skin and lubricate the eye itself. However I use this on a daily basis and it does work! It leaves my eyes feeling fresh and comfortable, my makeup doesn’t smudge and the product is easy to use on the go.

Optrex Sparking Eyedew Clear Eye Drops

“Ideal for enhancing your eyes’ sparkle during the day, Eyedew Sparkling Eye Drops restore natural brightness to reveal beautiful, clear eyes.”

A product from Optrex that’s geared a little more towards the beauty crowd with a liquid that aids in enhancing the eyes natural brightness. But in all honesty I wasn’t impressed with this product at all, upon application it acts similarly to the eye drops, it doesn’t sting but then it doesn’t really do anything else either. When it comes to the eyes I guess I’m not one use something unless its required or aids.  

Beki Xo
Beauty Products: Top 5 under £5

I've recently picked up a couple of products over the last few months that I've been ridiculously impressed by and the best thing about it? They're all under £5!

Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water (Combination/ Sensitive)
Since the hype of Miscellar Water’s I say I’ve tried and tested around 5 different brands and surprisingly the cheapest (per ml) is my favourite. It removes waterproof makeup ridiculously easy, cleanses the face without leaving any residue and isn’t harsh on the eyes or skin. With the Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water I the find I only need to use 2 large square cotton pads back to back to remove all traces of makeup and bottle lasts for weeks even with daily use.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Formula
There’s tons of lip moisturisers on the market but most people don’t know that a lot of them only protect your lips and don’t actually nourish them. Palmers have been a brand I’ve known and have loved for years and their lip products are a firm favourite. However recently they’ve produced tinted moisturisers which have to be a 2 in 1 saviour when it comes to moisturising your lips whilst adding some colour. The butter itself smells incredible (dark chocolate) and leaves your lips feeling smooth and moisturising, it is non sticky and lasts a long time without being tacky or becoming dry and grainy.  

N Spa Coconut Shower Scrub
This could potentially be the best smelling body scrub of all time. The scent is like freshly cut coconut with a milky sweet undertone of coconut milk. The scrub itself is packed with vitamins A, E and B5 to nourish whilst passion fruit seeds buff away dull skin. The contents of the scrub have a grainy like texture that isn’t too harsh on the skin but has just enough grit to get to work on dead skin cells. As for the longevity, this has been used nearly every day in my shower for the last 2 weeks and I'd say I haven't even reached 1/4 yet as a small amount goes a long way.

Superdrug Antibacterial Strawberry & Raspberry Hand Gel
I always carry around an antibacterial hand sanitiser for those times when your hands are feeling a little grubby or you’ve reached a public toilet and there’s no soap! However my usual ones where just your average run of the market with that strong alcoholic scent that felt a little too harsh on the skin. There are a couple of brands that have some scented products but they’re a little too pricey for how small they were. I spotted this one in my local Superdrug and the scent is amazing - A fresh tangy mix of raspberry and strawberry that leaves your hands feeling squeaky clean without any sticky residue.  

Maybelline Colour Tattoo – And On Bronze
There was a huge hype about these products a while back and I never bought into it. However when I took advantage of the infamous 3 for 2 in Boots I picked one up to try out and I’ve been using this shade nearly every day to add a summery shimmer to my eyes.  The texture is creamy and can be smoothed onto the eyes and blends in beautifully using your fingers. It has buildable coverage and the product itself doesn’t crease but does fade ever so slightly after 9 hours which I think is pretty impressive for an eye product!

Beki Xo
Five Footwear Favourites 

I've recently had a shoe rack sort out. Trying to part with those everyday favourites that are falling apart was tough but they were so past it that there was no way anyone could call them shoes.

So from my recent clear out I've picked my top 5 favourite shoes I've been throwing on my feet this Summer and since the Summers been a indecisivie mismatch of seasonal weather they're all rather appropriate.

Leopard Print Office Loafers
I picked these up in Office quite a while back and they sat in their box for a good few weeks before i summoned the courage to venture out. They're made from soft faux pony hair so i was worried that the first time i would wear them I'd step straight out my front door, into a giant muddy puddle and ruin them forever. However after coating them with a good amount of suede protector and testing them out in the rain they haven't been off my feet since! The sturdy loafer shape means you do have to wear them in but once you have they are the most comfortable flats. The patterned isn't too much of a garish print and they're great for adding texture, pattern and colour to my monochromatic wardrobe.

Oasis Tan Block Heel Ankle Boots
Oh these boots... I spotted them on ASOS and was eyeing them up for a good few weeks before i decided they're totally worth the £68 splurge. Although at the time when i ventured onto ASOS my size was out of stock and i'll admit i waiting 1hr continously refreshing the page until that fabulous person dropped them from their basket. They're real leather which means they're rediculously soft and the classic boot to wear from day to night with flattering cut, pretty detailing and comfortable heel height.

Dorothy Perkins Nude Gold Stud Loafers
I've been over anything studded for months, the trends passed and that means we can finally pick up an item of clothing or accessory that isn't pinned with metal hard-wear. However these shoes were a definite keep when i was sorting out my shoe rack. The tiny gold studded detailing adds a pretty look to what is generally a plain nude loafer and that means they can also add some sparkle to an outfit and casual glamour to your tootsies. They're a great throw on and go shoe when your undecided as to whether tan or black shoes go better with your chosen shade of bag.

Topshop Ash Cut Out Boots
I purchased these in the Topshop Winter sale last year. I'd been on the hunt for some ash ankle boots for months and could never find the right shade or heel height. Guaranteed I'd prefer if these had a little more height but their cut out detailing and perfect ash brown shade (not to mention they were half price) made them an instant purchase. They're the perfect everyday boot and so comfortable with their western shape and loose ankle straps (which can be adjusted). I've been teaming them with anything from my double split maxi skirt to my cami midi dress to my khaki pleated midi skirt.

Topshop Black Ballet Pump
These have to be the ultimate throw on and go type of ballet shoe with their loose faux leather fit and flexible sole. I'll admit they aren't the most comfortable when walking over rocky terrain due to their thin ballet shoe soles however I've popped in a pair of sheep wool cushioned insoles and for wondering around the shops they're perfect. I tend to throw these on when i'm running errands or popping to the shops but they're also great for throwing in your handbag for those killer heel days.

Beki Xo
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