Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup Review

Tuesday, September 01, 2015
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Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup Review (*)

Mineral makeup is still being spoken about and highly recommended since the day it first hit the shelves. It’s perfectly suited for those with sensitive or spot prone skin as it does not contain perfumes, talcs, oils or dyes and instead contains natural botanical's, sun protection and anti-ageing benefits.

Although there are a number of brands on the market, Sheer Cover is well known from being sold online and through shopping channels, creating products that are finely milled, light and easy to apply I thought I’d take up the opportunity to review their most popular makeup items.

Sheer Cover Conceal & Brighten Trio
A small compact that contains 2 concealing shades to camouflage flaws and a brightener to lift dark circles. The Sheer Cover Studio Line uses patented technology called Trueshade which works with the skin to perfectly match its tone. The formula of the 3 products is silky and easily blendable as the product becomes creamy and very workable upon contact with the skin. I used the lighter concealer and brightener for under the eyes and the darker concealer to hide imperfections such as breakouts or redness. The product sinks into the skin beautifully and matches the tone incredibly well however i did find that i had to build upon the product to gain coverage. I would say it’s ideal for those who prefer a natural coverage or have time to build up the product but for me i prefer something a little less creamy easy to work into the skin without having to build layers for coverage. The brightener however works beautifully as a highlighter for the tops of the cheek bones and down the bridge of the nose, leaving a natural glow. I teamed the concealers with a standard CC cream and on another occasion a medium coverage foundation that had a slightly different pigment and on both occasions is blended beautifully.

Sheer Cover Lengthening Mascara
The Sheer Cover Lengthening Mascara works perfectly with the Lash Extending Fibres brush to create long extended lashes. The formula of the mascara itself is a jet black shade and the brush is shaped to grip those lash edges. The mascara itself is great for everyday application as it leaves lashes looking separated, natural and clump free however used alone I don’t find it noticeably lengthens or curls them.

Sheer Cover Lash Extending Fibres

I’ve heard a few of my friend using fibre lash mascaras so I was pretty excited to try the Sheer Cover Lash Extending Fibre wand. Although my lashes are long I was hoping for volume and thickness. To apply your advised to coat your lashes with the lengthening mascara then I few coats of the fibres and finish with a thick coat of the mascara again. Upon application I wasn’t too comfortable with applying the fibres as my eyes are quite sensitive however the fibres only stuck to the freshly applied mascara and the applicator brush. The overall finish wasn’t what I’d hoped, my lashes although appeared longer appeared sparse, too separated and no thickness was gained. I probably could of added a couple more layers but then I'd guess the lashes would appear clumpy and heavy. I’d say this mascara might be better for those with short and straight lashes who want them to appear naturally long without thickness. 

Beki Xo
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