Home Decor with Dulux: Mood Enhancing Colours

Thursday, September 10, 2015
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Home Decor with Dulux: Mood Enhancing Colours (*)

Although my personal style of Scandinavian inspiration combines bright, light areas with natural flourishes, I’m interested in the effect each of our spaces has on our moods, and ultimately our lives.

I couldn’t bear the thought of working in a dark and dreary room all day, but even in a bright and light room, different colours can really change your mood and even affect your performance on everyday tasks. So, I’ve laid out some of the best colours to create the perfect home. This could mean painting your walls these colours or, if like me you’re renting, you can still enjoy colour in your home through painting furniture or choosing the perfect soft furnishings and accessories.

So which colour is for you?

Blue is the most productive colour while also being very calming, so it’d be great in a home office or study. So many corporate businesses use this colour in their branding because it is associated with trust and professionalism.  For a more edgy twist, I would suggest painting a wooden desk pale blue with Cuprinol’s Garden Shades wood stain, in Seagrass. Then, all you need to do is add your accessories which for me it’s got to be rustic but practical items.

Green represents tranquility and health. It’s all about relaxing in a stress free environment with green. So, I would create a place to unwind in my living room with pale green cushions and forest green furniture. I wouldn’t go overboard, but rather combine natural subtle shades with wooden furniture through DIY drawer fronts or the inside of a bookcase. Do this with paint designed for interior wood that will have just enough shine to look luxurious in eggshell texture.

Pale purples can have the same calming effects as blue but with more warmth and joy. I would use lavender in the bedroom, but only as an accent colour in ornaments or fabrics. The purple shades look great to offset the rich natural wood and white, without overpowering the place. 

The colour red Is supposed to increase appetite, draw people together and raise your energy levels, so what better place than a dining room or kitchen. Before you think I’m mad, my house goals don’t include a dark, all red room - that would be far too overpowering. I’d prefer to combine my own rustic wood look with autumnal burnt oranges, mahogany and burgundy. I like to keep it natural and so a simple wood stain would be perfect such as Sikkens Satin plus.

Monochrome is my go to when it comes to my wardrobe but for home d├ęcor I love to inject and play with colours and shades. There’s no denying it, colour can play a huge part in our lives and I'm looking forward to cracking open the paint pots sometime soon!

Beki Xo
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