Breakfast On The Go: Upbeat High Protein Drinks

Sunday, September 06, 2015
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Breakfast On The Go: Upbeat Protein Drinks (*)

Protein seems to be the new talked about health craze with numerous brands mixing it into their drinks, bulking into their foods and shouting about it’s crazy benefits. Although most brands are promoting the increase of protein intake to benefit the body and use as part of a active lifestyle. Upbeat are quite the opposite and are marketing this drink for us ordinary folk whom aren't so much gym bunnies but bodies require a steady protein intake throughout the day.

Now I’ve never been one for breakfast in the week and I typically have my first consumption of food around 10.30am-11am which usually consists of a bowl of fruit or a breakfast snack bar. I prefer breakfast to be quick, easy and filling, although my choices are healthy they only keep my stomach full for less than an hour before the hunger pangs kick in. 

So when I was given the opportunity to trial and test Upbeat Protein Drinks I was hoping they’d be delicious enough to as a breakfast replacement drink and they are! Unlike most smoothie drinks that are filled with hidden fats, sugars and are high calorie, Upbeat drinks are the King of shop bought smoothies. They’re contents is low in fat, high in protein (20g), made from fresh milk, fruit purees, sweetener and are low in calories (around 150kcal a bottle).

I’ve been consuming the protein drink for weekday breakfasts and have not only enjoyed its fresh, yoghurt like contents but I’ve been surprised how full a 250ml bottle keeps me! They're like a small bottle of energy which means they're also great for a protein hit before workouts. I did test the Blueberry & Raspberry flavour pre 45min cardio work out and it honestly felt like it aided in keeping my energy levels up for my workout but also stopping those hunger pangs i get mid way through. There are 4 flavours but I wasn’t too keen on having a chocolate-orange drink for breakfasts however it’d be great as pre or post gym protein hit or when even as a healthy alternative when you've hit that 3pm slump and craving a sweet treat.

Mango & Passionfruit
I think this was my favourite flavour from the 3 I tried! The Mango & Passion fruit has a smooth, creamy mango yoghurt like taste with a fresh passion fruit punch. Surprisingly although you can smell the whey contained in the drinks there is no strange artificial after taste. The drink itself tastes no difference from a popular yoghurt drink however the flavour is far more fresh, fruity and the contents are highly beneficial and filling.

Blueberry & Raspberry
This flavour is so natural, almost as though you’ve blended the two fruits and some plain yoghurt together yourself.  I’d say the taste is more raspberry than blueberry flavour with its slightly tart base however the blueberry does counteract some of its punch! I almost feel as though this flavour should contain bits raspberry and blueberry but I suppose most people would prefer it smooth.

A simple yet delicious fruity flavour that’s probably the most popular of the bunch, again similar to the Mango & Passionfruit you can smell the whey contents but there is no indication of taste what so ever. A creamy strawberry flavour with slight vanilla like undertone taste although I don’t think there is any sign of vanilla being added!

All in all I have been and will be replacing my breakfast or mid-afternoon sugar craving for a deliciously tasting smoothie drink from Upbeat! They’re far cheaper than most protein drinks (at £1.79) and with less sugar, high protein and few calories they’re great on the go!

Beki Xo

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  1. It’s one thing I should start doing too, having something nutritious before work to set me up for the day. I should probably break the pattern of over-consuming on tea and coffee in the morning first though, but a perfect substitute if I’m hitting the gym.