Healthy Food Cupboard Favourites

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
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Healthy Food Cupboard Favourites 

My food cupboard ranges from being completely empty to fully stocked but what are my healthy favourites that i continuously stock up on?

Coconut Oil
We all know that everyone’s cooking with coconut oil, well it seems that way anyway. However this stuff is ridiculously versatile from cooking to baking to skincare to hair care to health. I do cook with coconut oil a lot as a little goes a long way, it doesn’t flavour the food (luckily) but helps the food to cook nicely and not stick to the pan. I also use it to make my own granola which if you haven’t seen the recipe you can discover it  >here<.  

Biona Organic Rye Bread
I don’t eat bread that often if at all to be honest but when I do I try to opt for something healthy that doesn’t contain heaps of sugar or have that bloating effect (which comes from white carbs). Rye bread is a healthy alternative and I much prefer it to normal bread. It’s has its own taste, a slight chewy texture when toasted and is very filling. I like to eat it with almond butter, smoked salmon and cream cheese or smashed avocado for breakfast! I wouldn’t eat it without toasted it as I find the taste is very different different and the texture quite crumbly.

Blue Diamond Almonds
Almonds are great for snacking in between meals as they are filling, provide good fats to the body and are a healthier alternative. I typically sprinkle them on yoghurt or snack on the plain almonds… until I discovered the Smokehouse brand. They’re equally as healthy as plain almonds however they’re full of flavour and aid in curbing that savoury mid-afternoon craving. My favourites are the Smokehouse BBQ and Wasabi!

Nakd Bakewell Tart
One of my favourite ‘sweet treat’ brands, made entirely of natural ingredients and vegan friendly. Nakd bars are packed with flavour and goodness and I thought I couldn’t choose a favourite until I discovered the Bakewell Tart flavour! By popping them in the fridge both the texture and the taste  exactly like a Bakewell Tart/ Christmas Cake! A few more of my favourites are gingerbread, cocoaloco and cocoa orange.

Crespo Olives
I use to buy olives in a jar/ tub and have to rush to finish them before they go out of date however with the Crespo resealable packets I can get 2 portions of olives to either snack or add to salads without feeling the need to finish the tub. The green olives with chilli peppers are my favourite flavour that has a sweet, fresh olive taste with a spicy kick.

Meridan Almond Butter
Since discovering almond butter I’ve set aside my usual ‘extra light, fat free’ margarine and replaced it with this jar of tasty nutty butter. Of course it is still high in fat (but healthy fats) so a little needs to go a long way however the taste isn’t at all as sweet as you’d expect and in fact adds a nuttiness to whatever you decide to spread it over or layer on top! My favourite almond butter snack? Rye bread, banana and almond butter.

Nakd Nibbles
The latest edition to the Nakd product family, Nakd Nibbles are essentially the Nakd bar cut into small bite size pieces. I actually prefer these as it feels as though the packet lasts a lot longer than the bars themselves. The flavours in the range are incredible, my favourite being Coconut Bliss and Tutti Frutti (yes It does taste like tutti frutti!) as they range from dessert flavours to sweet shop treats.

Holland & Barrett Omega 3 Mix
A great way to get your daily fill of Omega 3, I use the Holland & Barrett sprinkled over yoghurt and honey, mixed into my porridge, blended into smoothers, baked into muffins and to snack on! It’s a mix of healthy nuts and seeds from pumpkin to linseed that can be added to anything and can turn a plain yoghurt into something more interest and filling.

Linwoods Flaxseed
In infamous flaxseed, a talked amount health product that has introduced itself onto the shelves of our local supermarkets. However the truth is this stuff (similar to Omega 3 mix) is a great way to get Omega 3, vitamins, minerals and enzymes into your daily diet without gorging on fruit, vegetables and fish. A versatile product that can be added into baking, blended into protein shakes, sprinkled on yoghurt and added to your everyday cereal. Easy, simple and a quick health kick.

Beki Xo
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  1. I love the Nakd range, though I haven't seen Coconut Bliss in my local Tesco :-( The Salted Caramel nibbles are yummy too xx

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