Summer Scents: Yankee Candle Ginger Dusk

Thursday, July 02, 2015
Yankee Candle - Ginger Dusk (*)

Introducing my new favourite fragrance, the Yankee Candle Ginger Dusk scented candle. Imagine a warm Summers evening relaxing outside, sipping a ginger beer and waiting for the fresh washing to air dry on the line whilst you plan your next weekend adventure. This is exactly the sort of imagination that this little jar of scented gold conjurs up.

This limited edition candle from Yankee Candle has a warming fresh ginger spice with sharp notes of citrus and smooth undertones of crisp clean linen.

I've been lighting this candle in the evenings both in living room and the bedroom. The aromatherapy like fragrance is relaxing and energising, so its perfect to light when you want to recharge your batteries.

The scent of the candle itself is (like all Yankee Candles) strong without being to pungent. It quickly fills a room leaving a noticable yet comfortable aroma with a hint of spice. It's one of those candles that welcomes guests and creates a tranquil atmosphere.

Beki Xo

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  1. Ooo this sounds like it smells lovely!
    Kirsty x


  2. Yankee Candle is really cool with the ginger dusk.Every candle lover should try this for new experience.Thanks for sharing the post

  3. Yankee candle ginger dusk sounds good it will have natural scent.It will be helpful to add ingredients and burn time of these candle and price with shop too.Thanks