Top 20 Confessions of a Blogger

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Top 20 Confessions of a Blogger

I've been wanting to write up a fun blog post that pokes fun at us bloggers and our habits for so long and I've finally gathered 20 things that myself and most other Bloggers can confess to doing... 

1. Not using/reviewing a product until we’ve photographed it first
2. When we’re out in a restaurant: ‘Wait, don’t eat anything, let me Instagram it first’
3. Pretending we have a blogging schedule when really, most of us only end up writing up a blog post the night before it goes live (yes, this too was written last night)
4. Our bathrooms look pretty much like the clearance section of a drugstore
5. Saving up photographs to post on Instagram for the day when you’re actually lying around in the PJ’s with unwashed hair and yesterday’s panda eyes
6. Tweeting about our most recent blog post on Twitter and deleting the previous tweet that also promotes it. Spam? We don't spam.
7. Wearing those amazing shoes you bought for an outfit post but never again in ‘real life’ because they are ‘killers’
8.Rarely checking our Facebook page because who uses Facebook anymore, does anyone even follow our page?
9.Having an over flowing drawer of beauty products that we reviewed, disliked and probably won’t use again but hoard it just in case…
10. Pretending we use Google Analytics but rarely checking it
11.We would rather let our food get cold because rearranging the space for a pretty Instagram photo is totally worth it
12. Wearing a hat in outfit posts because honestly? Sometimes it pulls the outfit together but sometimes we just can’t be bothered to do anything with our hair
13. Wondering if we too should take up yoga just because it seems to be a ‘blogger thing’ to do
14. Posting Instagram photos in a certain order to keep our feed looking clean, pretty & tidy
15. Constantly wanting to switch up our blog home page – it’s just never quite right.
16. Carrying around a note book for creative new blog ideas but never actually using it
17. Visiting flower stalls to take photos of Peony’s but we never actually purchase anything
18. Posting too many Pinterest quotes
19. Using ‘I need to buy (insert product name) so I can review it on my blog’ as an excuse for a trip to Boots
20. Sneakily checking #PRRequest and #JournoRequest on Twitter, knowing it’s only filled with ‘blogger wants a freebie for a gift post’ request. 

Beki Xo
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  1. Ha ha ha love them all haha Siobhan xx

  2. Love this! No.17 made me chuckle, in particular!
    Catherine xx | Brighton Girl

    1. They should rename Peony's the Blogger Flower :P x

  3. Ha this is so true. I have a lovely Ted Baker notebook which I designated as my blogging ideas pad - yet to use it! x

    The Quick Red Fox: Manchester Fashion Blogger

    1. I just use it to write my food shopping list! x

  4. haha number one for sure, I got loads of beauty products I was desperate to use but couldn't as I was waiting for a few other bits to arrive, so I could photograph them for a haul post haha! xx

    Mantenso xx

    1. Can't even bare to give them away! You know that one day you might just need them x

  5. This made me laugh :)
    All so true. That overflowing drawer of items we hate :p
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

    1. My drawer is almost about to buckle under the weight! x

  6. Love posts like this!! I've started doing number 5 recently haha xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog