3 Products To Boost Summer Body Confidence

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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Nip & Fab Bust Fix (*)
Nip & Fab Body Slim Fix (*)
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Oil 

We all know there’s no product in the world that can slim, trim or tone overnight but there are products out there that can make you feel confident in just a couple minutes. Whether that’s fake tan, oils, butters, lotions or potions, the skincare isle is over stocked with brands claiming this, that and the other. But some of these products can have a quick fix effect that can give you body confidence and I’ve given some popular ones a try.

Nip & Fab Bust Fix
The Nip & Fab Bust Fix is a body serum that stimulates the formation of naturally occurring fat cells in the breasts to plumps, smoothes and firms the skin. The gel looks a similar to shampoo with a glossy appearance. It is a light serum with a medium consistency that is non sticky on application. It contains an ingredient called Mangosteen which Is an essential elasticity booster. To apply the product it is advised to massage it into the skin (this product can also be used on the lower neckline to reduce wrinkles) in which it sinks in quite quickly. The product for me left my skin feeling smooth, supple and my cleavage feeling ever so lightly 'plumper'! The product does claim that after 4 weeks of use day and night it can enhance cleavage however I haven’t been using it religiously enough to comment and to be honest don’t really need help in that area! However over all it’s a great product for those who want an instant ‘up lifted’ feeling that will boost confidence in any bikini top.

Nip & Fab Body Slim Fix
The Nip & Fab Body Slim Fix is a daily toning moisturiser that is ideal for post-workout or after a hot shower. This is because the caffeine extract contained in the formulation can penetrate deeper into the layers of tissue to create a firmer appearance. The product itself has a thick formulation that is quickly absorbed into the skin. The scent is very similar to Aqueous Cream or even Sudocrem which isn't too pungent. I don’t believe the cream will ‘contour’ or ‘sculpt’ the body as suggested but it does leave that tight, toned feeling to the skin that again feels incredibly soft and smooth. For me i found it worked more like an intense body moisturiser with that extra ingredient to make your skin feel toned without any sticky residue. But again a great product to give you a confidence boost in just minutes after application. 

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Oil
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Oil is a firm favourite in the bloggersphere; It is a lightweight body oil that adds a hint of summer bronze to the skin with a touch of golden shimmer. The product itself is a liquid oil that you apply to the skin just like a moisturiser and dries instantly leaving a non-greasy finish. The light bronze shimmer appearance creates a healthy appearance and enhances natural tan whilst hydrating the skin. What I really love about this product is the beautiful rich perfumed scent! The only downside to this little bottle of liquid gold is the glitter particles can ever so slightly rub off onto clothing but if you’re wearing a bikini who cares? I love using this product on my legs to create that ultimate celebrity sheen.

Beki Xo
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  1. Ooo really what to try that Body Shop oil, looks good xx