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Tuesday, March 10, 2015
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MyVitamins Green Tea Extract & Aloe Vera Supplements (*)

I’ve always had an interest in the benefits of consuming certain foods and the effects they can have on the body. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no health expert and my weekend food groups mainly consist of cheese and carbs. However in the week I’m a little more health conscious and more recently I’ve taken an interest in vitamins and supplements.

There are certain plants and shrubs that when consumed can have a huge benefit on the body and mind. Typically they can be taken in their natural full form whether that’s through food or drink. In this case green tea is a popular hot beverage and aloe vera is added into a lot of health drinks as well as being used in skincare products. However sometimes the recommended daily amount is a little harder to reach when consuming through food/ drink there for taking supplements can make this easier, simpler and more beneficial.

Two supplements I’ve been recently trialling are the MyVitamins Green Tea and Aloe Vera. All MyVitamins tablets come in an easy, travel friendly, reusable seal top bag so theyr'e super easy to pop into your handbag without them taking up too much room or turning your bag into a giant maraca!

Green Tea Extract
Green Tea is known to obtain high amounts of antioxidants and nutrients that contain free radicals of which aid in the protection of cells and damaged molecules. The caffeine content and amino acids content helps to boost your metabolism and increase energy levels, making it the ultimate natural fat burner and brain power stimulant. It is also known to reduce the risks infections and various types of diseases making it on the top of my list for a supplement to add into my diet.

The supplement itself is small and easy to swallow. It is recommended to take 1 tablet per day which means 1 bag of MyVitamins will last you around 2 months! It’s been just over 1 week since I started taking the Green Tea Extract supplement and I have noticed the increased in my energy levels and ever so slightly brain performance which will be more than likely be due to the caffeine content. Overall, although the benefits of taking green tea extract are less physically reflected and more internally beneficial, green tea is one of the highest rated shrubs that are the most naturally healthy ways to supplement the body.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is high in vitamins and minerals such as; vitamin A C E, folic acid, B2 B2 B3 B12, calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium, iron, potassium, copper and magnesium. It also contains amino acids and fatty acids which are known to reduce symptoms of allergies and acid indigestion as well as providing the body with 18-20 out of 22 amino acids that build protein and are essential to the body. It is also a antioxidant and disinfectant which can be used both internally and externally.

The recommended daily intake is 2 tablets per day taken with food, which means this bag of MyVitamins should last you just over 1 month.  The aloe vera itself is made into a powder and then coated in an easy to swallow capsule. Again Aloe Vera helps to absorb the toxins in your colon as well as neutralising the bodies alkaline and boosting the immune system. Since consuming these tablets for just over 1 week, I have already noticed a difference in the reduction of bloating and my digestive health.

Both of these supplements have been known to aid in weight loss due to the active ingredients that speed up the metabolism and break down fat. However more recently I've been losing weight at a steadily rate (due to a calorie controlled diet) and haven't been using the supplements long enough to comment on any weight loss benefits. However the other effects i mentioned that I've noticed by consuming both the Aloe Vera & Green Tea Extract means I'd definitely recommend trialing them for yourself as a highly beneficial supplement to add into your diet.

Beki Xo
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