The Weekend: A Trip To York

Monday, February 09, 2015

The Weekend: A Trip To York 

So, this weekend we decided to do something a little different to our usual weekend routine and head out of Manchester for the day.

Typically we prefer to go to places that have 'things to do' such as shopping, museums and other activities as well as pretty photographic scenery where we can wonder and get lost. We've been to York a number of times but not for a good few years so we thought we'd hop onto the train and head North.

We got into York around 2pm where we ventured into the maze of streets containing a mix of high street shops and bespoke boutiques. After a couple hours of exploring the heart of the city centre and in much need of a bite to eat we headed to Byron Burger. I'd previously never been before but had heard about their more than incredible 'proper hamburgers' and infamous sides so it was first on the list for a late lunch/ early dinner.

Anything containing crispy onions and smokey BBQ sauce is a winner in my eyes so i opted for the 'Smoky' whilst the other half opted for the 'Chilli' burger and we shared a side of skin on fries and Mac 'n' Cheese. I have to say, what happens at the weekend stays at the weekend and it was totally worth every bite!

After over loading on a mighty meat and cheesy carbs we escaped the crowds to explore more of York whilst the sun set. We wondering across Lendal Bridge, strolled down the side of the canal and then back across York City Wall before heading home.

Beki Xo
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  1. It seemed as though you had such a good day in York, it all looks really nice and photographic. I am looking at going on a day trip somewhere soon but don't know where, this has made me really want to go to York though! :)

    Yasmina xx

  2. I really love your blog. I have been trying to start a lifestyle blog and I have been putting it off because I'm a perfectionist but these past few weeks I just said you know what! I'M GOING TO GO FOR IT! So Idk if that is the smartest thing to do but hey, we'll see what happens. SO I just recently got the Sony a5000 and I was wondering if thats what you use to take all your photos with? Also, Idk if you already have a post about tips for blogging for beginners? If so, could you shoot the link my way? If not, is there a way I can contact you with a few questions??