The Top 5: Soap & Glory Bath/ Body Products

Friday, February 06, 2015

The Top 5: Soap & Glory Bath/ Body Products

If you've purchased even just one Soap & Glory product then you'll already of experienced the temptation of wanting to eat the (non edible) contents whipped up inside its pretty retro packaging.
Soap & Glory have been a brand I've known and loved for years but its only recently that I've become a little obsessed  with their products and there for end up spending a mermaids length of time in the tub!

So because the Soap & Glory range is darn huge and although I'm pretty much a fan of all their fragrances (especially Smoothie Star, Orangeasm and Sugar Crush!) I thought I'd share with you my top 5 Soap & Glory bath/ body products that I reach for on a daily/ weekly basis!

The Daily Soothe
The 'super soothing bath float' that creates impressively large long lasting soapy suds whilst producing the most incredibly relaxing creamy scent.  A large scoop of this silky smooth product in the tub before bed time can aid in relaxing your muscles and helping you drift off... once your out of the tub of course. The scent of this product isn't the strongest, its a sweet/ clean scent much like the classic Soap & Glory range but its just enough for a pre-bed time bath.

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub 
Imaging the smell of fresh pancakes in a morning, drizzled with maple syrup, chopped bananas and almond nuts. Then add a dollop of shea butter, a sprinkling of oats and a cup of sugar... you've got yourself the best body scrub ever! This rather large tub of body scrub-a-dub-dub is no word of a lie when it flaunts the word 'breakfast' over its pretty little packaging. The scrub itself is incredible if you're after something that doesn't slip right off on application with just enough exfoliating 'grit' without being too harsh on the skin, but the scent.... I almost wish it was edible.

Foam Call Body Wash
All hail the multipurpose must have body wash that is almost invincible when it comes to running out. The scent is very similar to The Daily Sooth Bath Float, a clean and almost sweet scent that isn't too over powering. Its silky texture turns to a luxury foam once rubbed into the skin which makes it perfect to use as a shaving cream as well as a body wash! I've been using this product every day since Christmas and I still haven't used half the bottle, It's definitely a must have product in your bathroom!

Whipped Clean Shower Butter
If your a little lazy when it comes to moisturising after a bath (or sometimes its just too cold once you've stepped out to even bother) then your dreams have come true. This impressively nourishing in-shower butter if made from macadamia nut oil, shea butter, almond and grape seed oil! It has the most incredibly seductive (and as usually almost edible) scent of almonds, pistachios and vanilla that clings to the skin to cleanse and moisturise. You can pop it on in the shower, turn the water off off for a couple minutes to let it sink into the skin then rinse off!

Smoothie Star Body Butter 
The silkiest, sexiest and lightly whipped... body butter there is. Similar to the Whipped Clean Shower Butter this little beauty has the seductive scent of almonds, pistachios and vanilla, It smoothes over the skin like a dream, leaving a silky, non-sticky and glow like appearance to the skin. The product itself contains 5 incredibly intense oils that are whipped up in a deluxe body butter.

Beki Xo
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  1. I love soap and glory products they smell amazing and leave my skin feeling so soft. Great post I will have to try some of these as i got a select few for christmas. xx

  2. I have the Whipped Clean Shower Butter in my bathroom cupboard waiting to be used. The Breakfast Scrub is my absolute favourite - nothing else has ever quite been as good!! xx

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