On Trial: The Dermaglo Skin Health Drink

Friday, February 13, 2015

On Trial: Dermaglo Skin Health Drink 

I was recently contacted by Dermaglo to trial a new product that claims to have both health and beauty benefits. The Dermaglo Skin Health Drink is a low calorie anti-ageing collagen supplement that contains Vitamins A, B, D, E and K, Minerals such as Selenium, Marine Collagen, HLA (proteins on the skin that stimulate the immune system), Magnsium and Zinc. All of those ingredients are packed into a tiny 60ml daily liquid shot.

I'm a big believer of fueling your body with micro nutrients consumed from natural food sources however sometimes your body needs that extra 'boost' to function, that's when supplements come in handy.  I've taken a number of vitamins/ minerals before from the infamous natural cod liver oil to compressed iron to your average multivitamins but to be honest i don't notice that much difference when taking them.... I just do!

However i was intrigued by the science of the Dermaglo health drink and the claims that it aided in improving the skins elasticity, radiance and hydration all whilst reducing fatigue, so i jumped at the chance of a 12 day trial.

The drink itself has thin syrup like consistency with a yellowish tint from natural flavours and colorings. The only way to describe the scent of the fluid is like a mix between a sour lemon and tub of vitamins but thankfully it does taste better than it smells! The syrupy drink taste similar to a sherbet lemon with a touch of strawberry flavoring very similar to those strawberry vitamins you'd be given as a child. It is a little sickly at first but your taste buds soon adapt after a couple days and it becomes less 'tangy'.

At the start of the 12 day trial my skin was a little sallow, dehydrated, oily around the t-zone and uneven with a cluster of blemishes around the mouth area (due to poor diet from the weekend)! I consumed 1 drink per day for 12 days and half way through the trial already noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin.

By Day 4 my blemishes that had been apparent at the start of the trial had completely disappeared and my t-zone was noticeably less oily. On Day 8 I had seen a huge improvement with my skin tone as it appeared naturally glowing and more 'awake'. At the end of the trial on Day 12 my skin had significantly improved as i compared the before and after photographs. The texture looks smoother, the tone looks more even and I'm blemish free which i was especially surprised by as typically Mondays (after a unhealthy weekend) my skin is at its worst.

Throughout the trial i did notice a small reduction in fatigue by around day 7 but unfortunately this didn't dramatically improve. The overall appearance of my skin looked healthier but I still had dry patches around my t-zone which stayed consistent throughout the trial but this may of been due to water to coffee ratio intake as I'm a huge coffee fanatic!

Overall this product is an impressively compact little bottle of beauty gold. Although the health benefits weren't as apparent as the beauty effects (which are obviously easier to see) I would recommend  Dermaglo Skin Health Drink if you're looking to give your skin an injection of youth of improves its tone and texture for a more healthy look, However as the trial was short term I cannot vouch for the ongoing reduction of fatigue, improvement in healthy bones and overall inside body benefits but you should definitely give it a go to see the impressive effect it has on your skin in such a short time.

You can learn more about Dermaglo >here< 

Beki Xo
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  2. Hey, thanks for sending your post through to the Blogging Gals community.

    This product looks very interesting & I agree with Heather above, your skin looks very healthy by day 12!

    Zaineb - Blogging Gals Founder | www.zeenaxena.com ❤