A Trip To London & The Game of Thrones Exhibit

Monday, February 16, 2015
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A Trip To London & The Game of Thrones Exhibit

So my best friend Alex (whom I've known for years and years since school) managed to snatch up some limited edition free tickets from SKY to go to the Game of Thrones Exhibition in the London O2 Arena. Being a huge fan of the GoT TV series I jumped at the change to go and immediately started planning our trip down South! 

Our tickets for the exhibit where at 9.30am so rather than have the hassle of getting up in the impractical hours of the morning and traveling 2-4 hours (depending on the transport) to London we decided it would be easier to make it a 2 day visit. 

We headed on the Virgin train down to London on Wednesday lunch time with a bottle or two of wine and a bite to eat. Once we got there we had a couple hours spare so we ventured on a walk around London and pretty much got lost. I'm hopeless when it comes to navigating around big cities so we did have a couple of mishaps but eventually managed to get to our destination. 

Our destination being the Sunborn Yacht Hotel on the Excel Royal Victoria Dock London. A impressively large 4* deluxe yacht hotel elegantly stationed on the dock and beautifully lit at night. 
Our stay at the yacht itself was incredible, sharing a large queen bed in deluxe size room with mirrored walls, oak wood cabinets, complimentary Molton Brown products and much to my excitement a coffee machine! On arrival we did order room service as once we had seen the room we wanted to take full advantage of our short stay and yes it did come in a pretty silver serving tray.

On Thursday morning it was finally time to hop over on the Emirates Air Line to the O2 for the Game of Thrones Exhibit! On arrival there were a handful of people ready to enter the SKY lounge and a John Snow lookalike wondering the grounds. Once inside there was a number of 'things to do' as well as gazing in awe at the outfits, accessories and props from different parts in the series including a life size White Walker! 

The activities that we delved into where; being filmed and set on fire by a dragon, having ourselves turned into white walkers, dressing up, reading the news of the new series of GoT and of course sitting on The Iron Throne. But the most exciting and thrilling activity we took part in was virtual reality where we were provided with full headsets and stood in a lift like box that blew cold air and shook as the lift travelled up 'The Wall' and then unfortunately you were pushed right off the top! 

After an hour or so being at the exhibit we stopped off at a coffee shop before heading back to London Euston to catch a train home.

Beki Xo
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  1. It looks and sounds like you had a great time, I am so jealous of you being able to go to the exhibition it looked great!

    Beka. xo