Fake Up To Wake Up Makeup 

In an ideal world we would wake up every morning bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready for the day but for me that’s never so, I’m just not a morning person. No matter how cold I make my shower or how ‘awakening’ my face wash claims to be I just can’t shift that ‘lack of sleep’ look from my bare face.

That’s when we all need a little help from the trusty makeup drawer! Most days I tend to buffer in a lightly tinted moisturiser or BB cream with a touch of translucent powder to set and that be that but some days I need a little more help to give off that fresh faced look.
The Fragrance Shop Discovery Subscription Box 9 (*)

If you're a regulary reader of my blog then you would of spotted my post on The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Subscription Box and no this is not a dupe post! Firstly as I've mentioned before, the subscription box is available in a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month plan ranging from £5 - £20. The box allows you to sample the latest and greatest fragrances with typically 5 pocket sized samples.
However to celebrate their 2nd Birthday The Fragrance Shop have made their 9th box a bumper box of 10 classic fragrances from their collection featuring samples for both men and women. But also as an extra special thank you, a surprise ‘miniature’ fragrance is included, plus there’s money off vouchers for each of the classic scents totalling £60 and an information booklet!

Happy New Year!
So it’s finally the start of 2015 and your New Year’s resolution is too improve your blog and become a better blogger?  
I personally like to set myself goals I want to achieve this year that will help me to progress in the world of blogging. These goals can be anything from as simple as improving my photography to create higher quality photographs to introducing a new topic to updating my blogs branding.

So here’s 8 ways to become a better blogger in 2015:

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