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Monday, November 03, 2014
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The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club A/W 2014 Edition (*)

I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of perfume counters, trying to casually browse with the constant feel of eyes watching you, the assistants trying to sell you the latest fragrance and then being overwhelmed by the aroma of others scents other customers are spraying… it isn’t pleasant.

And then of course you want to take that tiny slip of paper home to see if you still enjoy the scent but you either can’t remember which slip if what scent or the smell has completely gone.

Well The Fragrance Shop has come up with the perfect subscription box for perfume lovers. Enjoy 5 samples of the latest fragrances (male and female) as well as booklet of the fragrance descriptions and discount vouchers! The subscription boxes are available in a rolling 3 month, 6 month or 12 month plan ranging between £5 - £20 per plan. It’s the perfect gift for friends/family or even yourself!

In the Autumn/Winter 2014 Edition box I received:

Loewe Quizás Seducción
A dark, sexy and seductive scent with notes of blackberry and passion fruit. This scent has a sweet feminine start with a candy like base that upon wear slowly develops into a soft vanilla, jasmine scent that’s the perfect mysterious night time perfume – Definitely my favourite!

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Intense
This scent has the classic/ glamorous feel with notes of pomegranate, vanilla and orange blossom. The perfect warm, oriental notes with that classic sexy-sweet captivating smell that’ll take you from day to night time.

Kenzo Jew d’Amour
A more sensual, fresh scent with sweet floral notes of mandarin and pomegranate. A dedicated day time scent that conjures up images of wearing a white cotton dress whilst sipping fruit tea on a crisp white front porch. It’s a playful, romantic scent that’s perfectly fitting for an ultra-feminine feel.

Loewe Aura
The type of scent that a mother passes down to their daughter. The familiar fresh, classic scent that has lively feminine notes of magnolia, rose water and sweet mandarin. This scent sums up the perfect soft yet floral-fruity character with that radiate energy spun from notes of lemon and raspberry.

Jimmy Choo MAN
A sweet yet edgy, masculine Eau de Toilette from Jimmy Choo. With top notes of honey dew melon and base notes of ambery woods this is the perfect subtle sweet scents with a rock ‘n’ roll feel.  It has that classic woody aromatic smell with fresh modern notes spun from pineapple leaf and lavender… a scent that screams confidence.

Beki Xo
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