The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range Review

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range (*)

I’m a huge fan on The Body Shop, they have incredibly large product ranges that contain the most indulgent scents, their discounts are ridiculously impressive and of course all their products are cruelty free… hurrah!

The Body Shop never fails to impress with their new launches and the ‘Wild Argan Oil’ range is definitely one that lives up to its online hype!

Argan Oil has become a popular ingredient used in (more popular than most) hair care merchandise but The Body Shop have gone one step ahead of the game and created a range of 9 indulgent and luxurious bath/ body and hair care products and I was kindly sent 3 of those to review...

The Rough Scrub
Firstly, the scent of this range is incredible; a nutty-like floral scent which almost reminds me of popcorn but not as sweet. The Rough Body Scrub is a gel based exfoliant containing crushed argan shells that effective exfoliate the skin. Due to its oil content the formula doesn’t slip directly off the area and aids in nourishing the deeper layers of the skin whilst lightly buffering off the dead skin cells from the outer layer. It’s a great product for an everyday exfoliator but if you’re like me and you prefer something a little harsher and ‘gritty’ like a sugar scrub then isn’t going to do the job. It barely removes that pesky left over fake tan however as a multiuse product (ie daily exfoliator and in shower body moisturising wash) then it’s definitely worth a purchase.

The Body Butter
A luxuriously thick body butter with the identical scent to the Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub. The formula glides of the skin, melting into a smoother texture (similar to a thick higher end lotion) and sinks in effortlessly. A little goes a long way with the Wild Argan Oil Body Butter and after application it leaves beautiful healthy sheen to the skin as well as an incredible scent! I typically apply this daily and it keeps my skin hydrated almost as though it leaves a protective layer that is non sticky. This has to be one of my favourite body butters from The Body Shop and believe me I’ve tried them all but the argan oil scent, formula and result is by far the best in my opinion.

The Solid Lip Oil
There are two things I look for in a lip product, a good protective barrier and a nourishing formula that penetrates through the outer layer of the lips to keep them hydrated - This product has ticked both boxes! The solid lip oil again contains organic community fair trade argan oil from Morocco and again has that incredibly rich infamous scent. The formula is ‘solid’ but when running your finger across to scoop up the product melts into oil based buttery texture that feels indulgent. On application the lip oil feels like an instant hit of hydration whilst leaving a thin protective layer over the area to prevent further damage.

Check out The Body Shop’s full Wild Argan Oil range >here<

Beki Xo
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  1. I love anything with argan oil in and this has been tempting me for a while now! Great review :)

    1. Thanks Beckie, the range is incredible! X