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Tuesday, October 07, 2014
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The weekend’s arrived but you haven’t made any plans and you want to do something different, what do you do?

If you’re like me you’ll spend an hour or so trawling through hundreds of internet pages searching places nearby but never actually coming across anything relating to what you want to do. Then you’ll start inputting specific destinations and spending more minutes clicking in and out of web links before you eventually give up and hop out to the local coffee shop.

Well this little tool will make your day (or your weekend rather)….
The clothing brand Cotton Traders have created the perfect tool to help you to decide what do on those plan free weekends with a simple handful of ‘clicks’. 

The Day Trip Decider helps you to discover indoor and outdoor activities and attractions as far or as near as you would like. Simply click ‘Get Started’, choose your destination,  your nearest town/city, whether you want something relaxing or active, indoor or outdoor and the Day Trip Decider will recommend the perfect place based on your results.

I actually used this tool at the weekend as the weather wasn’t too great in Manchester and we wanted to do something different…indoors. The tool reccomended ‘Break Out Manchester’ which is a puzzle, escape room  in which you have too ‘break out’ of within 60 minutes. We had first heard of these types of puzzle games after we completed one in Budapest so was pretty excited to see Manchester had adopted this type of activity too! Unfortunately though they were sold out of spaces for the weekend but we plan to book in again once when we have another spare Saturday/Sunday!

Everyone and anyone can use it whether you want to do something solely on your own, as a couple, in a family or in a group of friends. If its raining outside choose 'indoor activities or attractions' if the weather is a little more dryer then go for something outdoor!

It's the perfect tool if the day is heading towards the afternoon and you're in a little more of a rush to find something to do before the day is over. There's no faffing to locate a webpage, no inputting key words into Google to find something unique, its as simple as 6 clicks of your mouse and you've got a destination.

Beki Xo

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1 comment:

  1. This is such a brilliant idea, will definitely be giving it a try next time I have a free day! Also I love the idea of that Breakout Manchester trip!

    Ashley x