Fantasy Alien Makeup Look With Fragrance Direct

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fantasy Alien Makeup Look With Fragrance Direct (*)

Halloween is fast approaching and whilst some people are stocking up on fake blood and fangs there’s also the other half that are celebrating Halloween as a more glamorous occasion. I typically love the gore and the grotesque but on this occasion I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Fragrance Direct to create a more pretty, fantasy Halloween makeup. Most of you won’t know that I previously studied Specialist Makeup Level 3, so when Fragrance Direct contacted me I jumped at the chance to refresh my memory and delve into my creative brain bank of makeup artistry.

I wanted to create something difference than your typical vampires, living dolls and snow queens, so whilst using Pinterest as my inspiration I came up with the idea of a futuristic alien.

To create this look I used the Kryolan white cream foundation to apply a base but then created the details using just your general everyday makeup! I used the MUA eye shadow palette as my main source of colour from the shades Electric Purple and Cherry Sour as these powders are highly pigmented. I then used the Technic Pastels Palette add lighter shades of pink and purple and of course the Rimmel 013 palette too create a dark purple by mixing it with the darker  black shade.

To get the stencil effect you can simple cut out patterns from paper yourself however I found a boarder tape used in card making worked incredibly well due to its sticky side made it easy to apply. Simply apply the stencil over your pink/ purple shadow and sponge on the white cream foundation  ( on the white areas dabble on the eye shadows over the stencil) and peel off! I also added more detail around the stencilled shapes using the Pretty Eyes Eye Liner Pencil in blue around a few of the patterns but unfortunately the camera didn’t pick this up! However I also used the same pigmented pencils in black to line the eyes.

To finish off the makeup look I added a splash of MUA pink lipstick and used the W7 Liquid Sparkle Eye Liner as a top coat for a glittery lipstick look. I then added the Royal Lashed Out Eye Gems too great a fantasy brow (these are great as they are double sides and stick on a dream, even over the cream foundation).  And last of all threw my hair up into two high buns to almost act as antennas which really completed the look!

Carrying on with the ‘futuristic alien’ look to my fingers, I used the incredible Ciate Velvet Manicure nail kit which I’ve wanted to try for so long but never got around to purchasing a kit! The colour is very autumnal and the finish almost reminds me more of a felt than a velvet feel to it but I really like it!  

Beki Xo
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  1. Fantastic! Seriously fantastic! I love it and you look brilliant and yup, really nice to see something a little different xx

  2. This is a stunning look! I love the stenciling effect, really out there and original!

    Peach Pow XO