9 Basic In-Shower Products You Need On Your Shelf

Thursday, October 02, 2014
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I’ll be the first to confess there are way too many beauty products cluttering up my bathroom shelves. I tend to have a habit of switching and swapping between products, so I typically own about 4 different shampoos, 3 conditioners, 3 body washes and a whole heap of products bundled in the corner of my bathroom.
But more recently I’ve become a little more blunt with my beauty products and I’m trying not to buy another shampoo or another body wash until I’ve completely finished the bunch already sitting by my tub. Fast forward a couple weeks down the line and I’ve finally chosen my top 9 products that I (and you) need in your bathroom:

1.       A darn good hair removal product - Sally Hansen Hair Remover 
Whether you’ve chosen the good old fashion method (shaving), a salon special (waxing) or the typically easy method of hair removal cream, You’ll always need a ‘quick fix defuzzer’ at hand.  I personally love the Sally Hansen Spray on- Shower off Hair Removal Cream. It’s as simple as the packaging states and the providing you don’t mind the strange smell works a treat on leaving your legs feel super smooth without the odd prickle.

2/3.  Complimentary shampoo and conditioner - Ojon Volume Advancer Shampoo/ Conditioner 
As I mentioned previously I like to switch up my products and that typically meant a different branded shampoo to a conditioner. Although there’s nothing really wrong with that but I’ve come to realise that you get a much better result using the same type of shampoo/ conditioner.  By using two frizz free or extra volume products together you notice a huge difference to the result of your hair. And (although late to the party) I’ve recently discovered the brand ‘Ojon’ in which I can honestly confess that their volume products are incredible with their relaxing scent and incredibly nourishing yet effective formula.

4/5  An intensive hair conditioner/ treatment.- Macadamia Hair Masque/ Silver Purple Conditioner 
Macadamia Natural Hair Oil is the perfect deeply cleansing and hydrating hair masque. It helps to rehydrate the hair without leaving a greasy, crisp finish to the hair. I also use the Silver Purple Conditioner which although isn’t technically a hair treatment (from experience) I can confirm that it pretty much acts exactly like one! If you have blonde brassy hair this bottle of purple formula works a treat. It’s advised to leave it on for 3-5 minutes (after shampoo) and when rinse off. Immediately after rinsing you notice a silky, soft feel through the hair which also aids in detangling the roots.

6. Face Cleanser  - Simple Face Foam Cleanser
I typically take my makeup off using a hot cloth cleanser and a witch hazel toner however for the days where I just want to jump straight in the bath after taking off my eye makeup this stuff works a treat.  It’s also the perfect product to ‘wake up’ your face in the morning or to use as an extra squeaky clean cleanser. It foams up straight from the pump of the bottle, is unscented and massages into the face loosening any dirt and grime to be washed away.

7. Face Exfoliator – Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash
Garnier has always been one of those brands that just get it spot on and the Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash is no exception. If you’re a little lazy when it comes to double cleansing and exfoliating then this little product/tool is perfect. It aids in exfoliating the skin, removing dead skin cells and aiding in the prevention of spots and black heads. The product itself has a simple twist and squeeze opening in which is applied directly to the face once splashed with water. The product itself lightly foams and the bristles help to push the product into those areas that need deeper cleansing.

8. Body Wash/ Foam – Imperial Leather Foam Burst
The Imperial Leather Foam Burst is a new(ish) product on the market. It’s a thick gel like formula that once massaged into the skin turns into a creamy thick foam. The product itself is very similar to the texture of shaving foam so it’s also perfect partner for shaving! Shower gels and soaps typically glide off the skin with their slippery jelly formula. But the Imperial Leather Foam Burst formula is light and airy which immediately turns foamy once in contact with water and being brushed over the skin .

9. Body Exfoliator/Polish  - St Tropez Body Buffer
A body exfoliator/ buffer or polish is a must in everyone’s shower and bath products, it doesn’t only help to strip off old tan but it also cleanses the skin from previous products, chemicals and also dead skin cells. The St Tropez Body Buffer is one of my favourite instant exfoliators. A body polish is a little more harsh than an exfoliator as it a contains ingredients that aid in an instant result of removing unwanted product and chemicals from the skin without drying it out.

Beki Xo

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  1. Great post! I love the Macadamia Hair Masque and the Imperial Leather Foamburst xx