Review: Nespresso Delonghi E520 & Lidl Bellarom Capsules

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lidl Bellarom Coffee Pods (*)  Nespresso Delonghi E520

If you didn’t know already from my Twitter or Instagram feed I’m a huge coffee fan. I can’t go a day without one cup and I probably drink more than the ‘healthy’ average. But for me, coffee is my weakness and my guilty pleasure.

I can’t actually believe it’s taken us this long to get one but me and my boyfriend finally joined the coffee machine world and after much research indulged in the Nespresso Delonghi E520. Although it might not look as ‘pretty’ as other Nespresso machines it’s honestly, hands down the best!

There’s no heating the milk up, pouring it manually or waiting for the coffee to grind. It’s as simple as popping in a coffee pod/capsule, choosing which ever style tickles your taste buds (machiatto, cappuchino, latte or expresso), choosing your milk ‘froth’ level and pressing a button.  In around 40 seconds its pops in the coffee shot, pours in the steamed milk and off you go. This little machine even remembers how you like your coffee so there’s no messing around on the next cup and it even cleans itself – hurrah!

Now enough about the machine it’s onto the the dark grounded good stuff...

The Nespresso pods are great, there’s a huge choice of blends and they’re recyclable but the price…oh the price. Although 31p a pod doesn’t sound a lot, when you’re drinking enough to fill fish bowl the total cost isn’t that cheap overall. This is when you find there’s a ton of pods on the market for a lot less that don't all taste like weak instant coffee (ie dirt) and I was kindly sent 3 boxes from Lidl’s Bellarom range to trial and review! For £1.79 per box of 10 that works out about 0.18p a capsule, which is rediculously cheap and nearly half the price of the original capsules! But I know what you’re thinking… you get what you pay with coffee so there’s no way these little pods will match up to Nespresso’s high quality ground beans and those strong notes that separate the distinct taste of each blend will be weak and undetectable – WRONG.

I’m hugely surprised about how much these little pods match up to the Nespresso versions, from the craft of thick crema layer, recognisable strength and the unique taste of each blend and its character to the useful coloured capsules. Don't get me wrong I'm no coffee snob but i do like the hot stuff and would say they come pretty darn close to the originals if not a perfect match.

We previously bought some coffee capsules’s to trial from Amazon but although coffee tasted incredible the plastic capsules where all clear so there was no way (once taken out of the foil wrapper) of telling which blend which.

The Azzurro Lungo blend is specifically designed for a larger cup which typically is a perfect for a latte but I love my coffee a little stronger in my larger/taller drinks so I do tend to opt for those pods that suggest a ‘expresso’ size cup is best. These pods are usually strength 10 (this represents the taste not the caffeine content) and so the Ristretto Expresso has to be my favourite from the 3 blends. Described as a full-bodied coffee with an intense and velvety taste I can honest say it is exactly just that; a smooth and rich coffee with notes of chocolate – perfect for cappuccinos!

I will definitely be purchases a few of these boxes again as they fit perfectly into the Nespresso machine, taste identical too the Nespresso pods and are incredibly cheap!

Beki Xo
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  1. Great review - I just bought one of these for my other half and came across these pods, now I'll have to try them out. Don't suppose you know if they do any decaf pods?

  2. Great just what I wanted to hear, bought the same machine for the wife and need to buy some coffee and wanted some real life reviews

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