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Monday, September 29, 2014
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I remember that very moment I first passed my driving test, the A4 certificate to say ‘You are now legal to drive’ and that impatient eagerness to go out and buy my first set of wheels. The Car Buying Service kindly asked me to share my experiences and memories of my first car and their staff has shared their own first car stories here.

What was your first car?
My first car was a 3 door 1.2 black Vauxhall Corsa SXI. From the moment I got my hands on that certificate and pink plastic Driver’s License I had my eye on that particular car.  As soon as I passed (first time minus 1 point) I was on the hunt for a seller to purchase my first set of wheels.

How did you come to possess it?
Luckily I had set some money aside that my dear Nan left and as I was named the 2nd Driver of the car (Dad named 1st Driver) I managed to get a cheaper Insurance quote. Dad is a bit of an amateur mechanic so I was able to concentrate more on the cars looks safe in the knowledge he would make everything A-Okay under the bonnet. After trawling through Auto-Trader, Gumtree, EBay and all the newspapers for this specific car model I managed to find a seller on Auto Trader.

What made the car special?
It was my very first set of wheels, the car that would make me more independent whilst driving solo and no parents or instructors by my side. It meant I could head out on day trips with friends, drive to college without worrying if the bus will be on time and pop to the shops whenever I wanted.

What is your fondest memory of that car?
I remember when my friend text me at 4.30/ 5AM in the morning, we were both awake and bored so decided to meet each other at the local Tesco for a very early morning shop and coffee. It was great being able to get up and go for a drive at whatever time you wanted, where you wanted.

Why did you choose that particular car?
I’d had my eyes set on that particular model of car since I began my driving lessons. I wanted something that I could ‘show off’ that wasn’t half rusting and falling apart.

Do you have any funny stories or memories of your first car?
At the time I’d say I was a little worried but looking back it was quite amusing.
About 2 weeks into owning the Corsa I managed to ‘tin open’ the back door whilst squeezing past a lorry and a ditch. I was so busy concentrating on not falling into this deep trench on the driver’s side that I didn’t take note of the passenger side that made contact with the back of the car.  I suppose it’s better to get these things over and done with in the early years right?

Do you have any tips for those buying their first car?
Buy a budget priced little run-around to start you off and save up to buy a decent car later on.
It’s your first solo driving experience you’re bound to have a few scratches and bumps in the road. Therefore it’s better to have a car you’re not too fussed about bashing about whilst you gain experience on the road.

Do you have any tips for those selling their first car?
•Sell online but sell locally.
•List all the faults and defects (the more description the higher interest)
•Don’t sell to friends or family.
•Take clean, crisp photographs inside and out the car, in sunny weather if possible.
•Always ask for more money than you think the car is worth but mention that you are open to offers.
•Don't forget to clean the car!
Beki Xo

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