Luxury Skincare: BeautyLab Skin Perfecting Moisture Cream Review

Friday, September 05, 2014
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Beauty Lab Skin Perfecting Moisture Cream (*) 

I very much live by the rule of buying beauty on a budget but believe that you’re allowed to have one product in your makeup/ skincare drawer that’s worth a small splurge. For me it’s all about skin care, if you don’t prime the base then no amount of overpriced makeup will look good.

The Beauty Lab Skin Perfecting Moisture Cream is a 30ml bottle of skincare gold…literally. With its impressive list of ingredients packed into one pretty little tube I’ve been pretty darn excited to share this luxury skincare product with you! It has an RRP price tag of £35 but I can assure you this is no average face cream. The BeautyLab Skin Perfecting Moisturiser is a rich and deeply hydrating, anti-ageing and protecting daily moisturiser.  It’s free from paraben’s, alcohol, perfume, colouring, hypo-allergenic and is most importantly not tested on animals, making it perfectly suited for those with sensitive skin.

But wait until you hear about the ingredients! Liquid diamond… sounds fancy huh? But the use of gold as a cosmetic, activates the natural ions in the skin to stimulate cell turn over and remove dead skin. If you’re like me and love products that have multiple purposes then you’ll also get a little excited about a light exfoliant hidden in a moisturiser!

The rich cream also contains an incredible collective mix of naturally active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skins layer and stimulate the cells in the connective tissue to produce collagen, reducing ageing, improving skins texture, hydrating the outer layer, cleansing pores and general improving the skin tone.

Green Tea - Cell protection
Zinc Oxide – UV absorber
Vitamin E – Antioxident
Chamomile - Sooth and calm blemishes
Lactic Acid - Unblocks pores 
Panthenol – Improve skin tone
Gold - Removes dead skin 
Aloe Vera – Hydrate the skin
Lactic acid - Improve skins texture
Quartz - Light abrasive
Neroli - Promotes skins elasticity 

The formula of the cream is a medium consistency that has a gel like feel on application. Smoothed over dry skin this product sinks in like a dream and immediately leaves the skin feeling smooth, toned and protected. It almost acts similar to a glycolic acid exfoliator, intensive moisturiser and makeup primer,. Leaving the skin feeling as though you've had a salon facial. The scent is a light and natural aloe-vera smell with a subtle soothing chamomile under tone.

I previously had dry patches around my nose that I found a pain to exfoliate and no amount of hydrating products would aid its troubles. I’d exfoliate in the morning and by 2pm it’d be back with a vengeance, forcing my makeup to look 'cakey'. But immediately after first use of this moisturiser it’d chased away the dryness and after use over 2 weeks it’s kept my skin as close to flawless as it can get and that’s including keeping blemishes at bay.

All hail The Beauty Lab Skin Perfecting Moisture Cream – a definite repurchase!
You can grab Beauty Lab products at Harvey Nicholls and/or 

Beki Xo

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