Gorgeous Bronze Salon Spray Tan At Home Review

Tuesday, September 09, 2014
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Gorgeous Bronze Salon Tan At Home (*)

When it comes to fake tanning I’ll typically stick to products that I’ve used before and I know work well. However sometimes if there’s something totally new on the market I’ll always fall for that pesky packaging and feel the need to try it out. The Gorgeous Bronze Salon Tan At Home is one of those products…

I’ve previously used tanning mists in the past and hated the fact that only half the product hits the skin and the rest falls on the floor and gathers on the soles of your feet.  It might just be that the way I’m applying them is totally wrong but ever since I’ve given spray tans a mist, get it? Hah.
Until this rather large bottle caught my eye. Unlike other mist and spray tan products you can pick up on the high street the Gorgeous Bronze Tan claims to act the same way as a salon professional tanning spray, obviously with a more manual hand action but non the less the same spray motion technique.

The box itself comes with a large bottle of tanning liquid, a spray nozzle and a pack of 5 pairs of latex gloves. To assemble the spray tan simple unscrew the lid of the tanning product, pop on the spray nozzle and click/lock into place. The product itself advises to spray evenly across the body in a sideways motion and use the latex gloves to blend in if needed. I’ll be honest, I’ve never used the gloves and chose to opt for the reliable spray tanning mitt to buff into the skin afterwards.

On application the power of the spray is pretty impressive for a manual hand pump although I found the product dispenses quite heavily across the skin and needed to use the buffing mitt throughout. The tanning formula is tinted and so it’s easy to see what areas you haven’t covered to create an even and streak free application.

I did find that (as I mentioned previously) the product not only covered my bathroom floor but also every item in there including the walls, in which case I would highly recommend doing It in the shower or buying a pop up tanning booth! It wasn’t such a great experience when I had to start cleaning the bathroom just before I went to bed.

I did however work my way around this problem and popped a large towel down to spray my legs and then applied the tan straight onto the mitt to then buff onto my back and arms, etc. This prevented any cleaning afterwards!

The tan itself develops in a shorter time than most fake tanning products on the high-street and provides a light-medium glow within just a couple hours. The colour is very natural and a light golden glow rather than orange or red toned deep sunkissed look and doesn’t at al look 'cakey' on the skin but instead leaves a flawless inish. Unfortunately for some it does have that biscuit scent but mixed with a touch of aloe vera which actually isn’t too pungent and pretty bareable.

Overall I’m torn between whether I like this product or not. Maybe with a little more practise and if I had a pop up tanning booth then it would be perfect as the finish is flawless but then again I do find my tanning mousse a lot simpler and less fussy. You can pick up Gorgeous Bronze Salon Tan at Home Bargains for just £7.99, I'd say it is well worth a try for the price tag!

Beki Xo
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