3 Daily Makeup Essentials From NV Colour Cosmetics

Friday, September 19, 2014
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Coral Pop Cheeky Stick
Watermelon Lip Crayon
Flamenco Lipstick
NV Cosmetics (*)

Okay, I’m just going to say it, high street makeup is exactly the same (if not better) than higher end products, you just need to know where to look. Each brand has their speciality; Bourjois – foundations, Sleek – palettes, Gosh – lipsticks, Loreal – mascaras and then of course there are brands that are an all-rounder and never fail to impress.

I’ll admit I am more of an in store shopper when it comes to makeup as some shades tend to look completely different on a photograph than in real life (yes that includes my photos too). However when an email popped up in my inbox from NV Colour Cosmetics and after I’d seen their awesome makeup collection I couldn't miss the opportunity to potentially find a new ‘go to’ makeup brand and was lucky enough to choose 3 products to review!

I was going to opt for more autumnal shades like a rich berry lipstick or a glittery gold shadow but I’ve wanted to revamp my daily makeup essentials for a while now so I opted for more neutral everyday shades. I chose the Coral Pop Cheeky Stick, Watermelon Chunky Lip Crayon and the nude Flamenco Lipstick all of which I’d hopefully introduce into my daily makeup.

First things first when I’m reviewing makeup I typically try to find at least one negative say so about the packaging, the pigmentation, the results and/ or even the advertising however I honestly cannot fault these products or NV Colour Cosmetics as a whole. The packaging is fun yet sophisticated and although their makeup range isn’t huge,  their chosen shades are a mix of on trend, daring and safe.

The Flamenco Lipstick has to be my favourite out of the 3. The product itself is ultra-moisturising and highly pigmented and lthough it looks red in the photo's its definitely one of those ‘your lips but better’ shades with a nude/ pink tone that's a perfect everyday shade. But the best thing about this product is its magnetic snap closure which I’ve never seen before and deserves an A* for uniqueness! There’s no faffing to pop on the lip and no need worrying that it’ll open up in your bag and ruin the product as well as the contents of your bag!

The Watermelon Chunky Lip Crayon also doesn’t fail to impress and is very similar to a well-known and very popular high street shop’s makeup range. It has a smooth and glossy bright pink/ light red finish that’s non sticky, highly pigment and the perfect shade for a more subtle day time pop of color that isn't too loud.. But due to its glossy moisturising feel it does need topping up throughout the day but as do most lip products! Both lip products smooth over the lips flawlessly and don’t crack or dry out but leave the lips looking supple and a little plumper.

Now the cream cheek stick was a bit of a risky choice for me in the way that cheek sticks are little like marmite when it comes to their overall finish. I’ve tried a fair few in my time and all except one brand have failed to give a flawless finish. But the colour of this stick was too pretty to pass on and I’m really happy I chose it. Unlike my favourite cheek stick that leaves a powdered finish the Coral Pop Cheeky Stick leaves more of a tinted, orange/pink healthy glow. The formula itself isn’t sticky and the product is so pigmented that I found the best application is dabbing onto the finger tips and then pressing onto the tops of the cheeks to get a more natural finish.

Beki Xo
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