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Monday, August 04, 2014

If there’s a beauty product I really want to purchase but it’s a little too out of my price range I will always hunt for an alternative and most of the time there is one. In fact 75% of the time the (from personal experience) the products are an exact match and I always wonder if they’re from the same manufacturer. But then there are products on the high street that stand alone in being the best, the first and the one of a kind. So, as I like a bargain as much as the next person I’ve rounded up my Top 10 (high-street) Beauty Products Under £5. Some of these are dupes and others (as mentioned previously) are in their own category of amazing products.

First product I need to mention is a dupe. You can snap this up in Tesco for about £3.99, the Vivo Blusher in Baked is the ultimate dupe for the Nars Orgasm blush. A peachy toned, gold shimmer blush with high quality pigment. The product itself is a raised half dome shape which lasts for ever. I’ve had this blush for about a year now and although I don’t use it every day I do use it a number of times a week and just haven’t even levelled it out flat yet!

Another incredible product is the Maybelline Brow Drama. I’ve previously done a full review of the product >here< but this beauty definitely deserves another mentions. It is a tinted brow mascara with a bauble brush that not only thickens brows but also rounds up those pesky strays into a neat shape. I know that Benefit have recently launched something pretty similar but I would still pick this little beauty up for a third of the price at £4.99.  It’s a great beauty cheat too fuller looking brows but also a lazy girl’s best friend when you just cannot be bothered too powder, gel or kohl pencil those expression movers.

The Garnier Intense 7 day Body Moisturiser is another bargain high street body lotion that you can pick up for around £3. The product itself comes in a handful of scents that all smell almost edible but I’m a sucker for the classic cocoa butter. The formula is a medium consistency that on application a spreads quite for so a little goes a long way but it also soaks into the skin pretty quickly so there’s no standing like a star fish waiting for it to dry.

Another great product under £5 in the Barry M Gelly Polishes, they launches quite a while ago now but considering they’re high street brand the Gelly polish is of higher end quality. I’d even go as far as saying their probably one of the best brands of nail varnish on the high street that doesn’t instantly chip or smudge and lasts a while… even without a top coat! You can pick them up for £3.99 which is about the average price for a nail varnish but the quality is definitely equal to ones that are around £12.

If you’re a little on the paler side and after more of a ‘glow’ than a tan then the Little White Lie Tan Lighter Tanning Spray is your new best friend for Summer. To apply the product It’s as simple as spray and go. The product soaks in instantly on application so you don’t have to spend any time buffing it into the skin. It leaves the perfect sun kissed tinted glow that can be buildable upon daily application and because its more of a tint than a full tanner its lasts for a very long time. You can Little White Lie tanning products up in Quality Save for around £1.99!

For some bizarre reason most beauty addicts seem to think they need a higher end lip liner in order to keep their low budget lipstick in place…wrong. The Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner is one of the best liners on the high street (aside from my GOSH liner) but for just £2.99 this slim line pencil runs side by side to my higher end lip liners. Its soft enough that the highly pigment kohl distributes easily without pressure on a delicate area but still firm enough that it doesn’t break and you can get a perfect line.

Simple Cleansing Foam scrapes the just under £5 budget at £4.49 but it is a rather large 150ml bottle that lasts even longer than you think. I use this on a daily basis to freshen my face in a morning and it feels much line I’ve used a toner. Now, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t go buying this if you’re looking for a makeup remover as it’s a little too gentle to remove stubborn make up but it does make an amazing face wash. The formula is a medium consistency foam that distributes the perfect amount in one pump but also this stuff sticks around on the face which means its far from messy!

Now, If you’re looking for a cheap moisturiser that’s as impressive as a £10 tube then the Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Cream for just £2.99. I’ve always been super impressed with Superdrugs beauty range as its cheap, effective and vegan! The cream is a medium consistency that feels light on the skin leaving a natural healthy ‘glow’ and as it has vitamin E its perfect for protecting the skin against environmental damage.

I will hold my hands up and admit this isn’t favourite bronzer (that award goes to the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer) however this little circular tub comes a close second and is much cheaper at just £2.99. The Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder has 3 multi tonal shades that aid in adding a natural sun kissed shimmer. I’d stray from using this product as a highlighter but it’s perfectly suited for a summer sun bare faced look with a dash over the cheek bones of a quick switch over a matt finish foundation.

I actually picked this product up on a whim. I tend to use my favourite non waterproof mascara first and then if I need waterproof add a light coat over the top for a lock and seal finish. I saw the Essence brand in Wilkinsons and as I’d just ran out of my usual waterproof mascara I decided to try out the Get Big Lashes mascara for a ridiculous price of £1.99. I’m actually pretty surprised as I have used this as a base mascara and it isn’t too shabby! The brush is thick and densely bristled with a medium/ light formula and a blacker than black shade.

Beki Xo

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  1. Such bargains! I love Barry M Polish!

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  2. The Barry M gelly nails are so good and the colours are great, lovely post!
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  3. The Barry M gelly nails are such good value, I always pick them up on 3 for 2 so even more of a bargain

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