My Skincare Regime

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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My Skincare Regime 

I’m forever switching and swapping my skin care regime to adapt to the environmental changes that affect its appearance. Typically my skin sits in the dry to combination skin type category and strangely enough tends to be prone to dry patches in the summer and break outs in the winter.
But for a good few months I’ve been sticking to this routine and it’s been working incredibly well to keep my skin hydrated and my breakouts to a minimum. Don’t get me wrong, the odd occasional spot or dry patch will make an appearance but overall my skin has been behaving itself and I put it down to these products.

My Morning Routine...
As soon as I wake up I’ll refresh and waken my face with the Garnier Pure Active Gel Wash. This little bottle of sunshine has a deep grapefruit scent which surprisingly (although the scent is quite intense) isn’t harsh on the skin and helps to wake up those peepers as well as brighten the skins surface.

After I’ve refreshed the skin I use the Nip and Fab Glycolic Acid Pads to exfoliate the skin and prep it for the day. The great thing about this product is unlike most glycolic acid products you can throw your daily moisturiser and makeup over the top! The soaked pads also make is really easy and quick to introduce exfoliating into your morning routine which I know most of us really don’t have time for with the morning rush.

Once my skin has dried from using the glycolic acid pads, I use Re-Gen Cream as my daily moisturiser. For only £4 a tub this cream is a skincare miracle, well...almost! It contains calming ingredietns rich in vitamin E which help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue as well as aiding and protecting the skin from drying, blemishes and pigmented marks. It’s a silky cream that dries super quickly so there no waiting around to throw on your makeup.

My Evening Routine...
After a good 9 hours at work I’m ready to strip my face of beautifying products and to do this I use Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser.  For a cheap price tag it’s an impressively thick rich cleanser that’s made removing my makeup that much quicker (it’s all about time). It’s as simple as rubbing the product over the whole surface area of the face (including that pesky eye makeup), rinsing the muslin cloth under a warm tap and then using it to remove your makeup.

If I’m breaking out I’ll use a drying face mask and mix it with charcoal powder. Charcoal is an amazing anti-inflammatory and the carbon is botanical active substance that’s 100% alkaline, meaning it’s spinning with electrons making the substance highly electrical (more info here). I've been using it mixed with the Superdrug's De-stressing Face Mask which contains calming aloe vera. I will only dab the charcoal/ face mask mixture onto the areas in which I’m breaking out without covering the whole face as the mask can be a little too drying which is great for breakouts but not so on already dehydrated skin.

Which moves me onto to one of my favourite products to grab when my skin is in need of hydration, The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. This is one product that I will smother my whole face in and leaving it over-night means you wake up to instant results! It has a fruity, marshmallow scent which you almost wished was edible.  

If I’m not using the Origins Drink Up mask, I will use a small drop of organic rose hip oil (I'm currently using one from Trilogy which is incredibly luxurious) and another of my go to products. The oil contains vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that help to production of the hormone compounds involved in healing tissue and regrowth. The smell isn’t anything floral or pretty but more of a natural musky scent that’s bearable and worth its results. 

And then i do it all over again in the morning! I'd say on average i tend to switch up my routine on a monthly basis for two reasons;

  1.  I'm a sucker for trying new products especially after reading/ seeing adverts and  blog reviews
  2. My skin type changes ever so slightly between being more broken out and very dry, so I like to mix up my products to provide my skin with what it needs.

Beki Xo
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