Weekend: Sunglasses, Derelict Buildings and Burgers.

Monday, July 14, 2014
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I love unplanned weekends. When it comes to making plans I very rarely stick to them, either something else comes up or I just don’t feel like doing that particular thing on that particular day… some call it a bad habit, others spontaneity.

This weekend was one of those no plans and (cue the music) free to do what I want any old time type. The weather was looking pretty darn nice on the Saturday so rather than typically venture out of Manchester via train we decided to explore out and around our area on foot.

We wondered a little down the canal but decided to head out more across the outskirts of the City Centre stumbling across old derelict buildings, quaint little streets and some potential outfit post locations!
After a while of walking we heading into the local pet shop which only resulted in us wanting a pet corn snake. We already own a pygmy hedgehog (Pokey) and with both animals needing warm temperatures it’d be a perfect little area to house a snake, but who knows.

On the Sunday we decided to invite my parents over and head out for lunch. Our first two choices where fully booked which was unfortunate until we remembered a new(ish) place we still wanted to try. Superstore restaurant in the Northern Quarter is situated near the NCP Car Park on Tib Street, near the infamous North Tea Power. It was previously just a convenience store but they’ve now turned the top floor into a rather cool New York style restaurant and kept the bottom floor as a grocery store.

I have to admit the menu is pretty awesome and so on top of the 2 special boards it took us a good 25 minutes to decide on that one meal each. My mum chose the Vegetarian Korma, my boyfriend the Beef Sunday Lunch and me and my dad had the 8oz Beef Burger with fries. I have to admit the burger was probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! 8oz beef, apple wood smoked cheese, chorizo, slaw and onion rings all packed into a brioche bun *drool*. And then there’s the list of fruit ciders  in which the rare Pomegranate flavour took my fancy. I’d highly recommend this place, not many people seem to know about it so it is quite quiet although I’ll be spreading the word.  

Beki Xo

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  1. Adventuring in the sunshine weekends are the best! Love your outfit too ^v^ xx