Contemplating Laser Hair Removal At The sk:n Clinic?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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It’s a job we all hate doing, it’s time consuming, repetitive and in the long run is pretty darn expensive to maintain… its the dreaded removal of unwanted body hair.

The daily defuzzing of those pins, neatening of the bikini line and smoothing of those under arms is nothing but a chore for every woman. In the winter it isn’t too bad when you can get away with not bothering for a few days (or for some even a week) but in the summer it’s practically impossible and with more skin on show it’s all about being primped, primed and silky smooth.

There are so many options on the market to remove unwanted hair; waxing, shaving, dissolving creams/ gels and epilators, but they are all still only a temporary fix. Shavings the perfect quick fix but it’s a daily ritual and dries out the skin, waxing hurts and then there’s the dreading growing stage, removal creams and gels take a while to apply/ get to work and then there’s the old school epilator that rips out the hairs individually…ouch.

We’ve all used at least one of the above but imagine not having to buy or use any of them forever? Because of the pure daily annoyance of daily defuzzing I’ve recently been looking into laser hair removal. I’ve been researching like crazy on the web, reading reviews on the process, the results and trying to find the perfect clinic.

After a long search I came across the sk:n Clinic whom have dozens of clinics right around the country, all employed with highly trained professionals. They have been running for over 20 years providing over 26 specialise treatments, one of these being laser hair removal!

The website is littered with information and answers to questions you’ll be eager to research. They even have a huge list of where to find your nearest sk:n Clinic and have as many as 9 clinics held in the heart of London that provide over 26 specialist treatments. With London being so accessible to many towns and cities it’s no wonder there are so many situated in the centre. 

Laser hair removal is vastly becoming a popular treatment for removing unwanted hair. It works by using a laser beam that exposes the base of the hair follicle to pulses of laser light that initially stop the growth and destroy the hair. Sounds painful? Its not. Laser hair removal is known to be a virtually pain free (so maybe a little), safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair from problem areas such as the face, bikini area, legs and underarms.

It’s also really easy to book a consultation with the sk:n Clinic through their website using the form situated on the right hand side.I’m very tempted by laser hair removal as in the long run it’ll not only work out so much cheaper but it' one less daily job to do (which is an average of 1,726 hours spent removing unwanted hair in your lifetime). The sk:n Clinic also offer a 1+ reward treatment for when you have completed your course which is a big bonus!
Let me know if you’re planning on having laser hair removal or if you already have. I would love to know your thoughts!

Beki Xo
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