Neal And Wolf Volume & Repair Hair Care Review

Saturday, June 21, 2014
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It appears I’ve become a bit of addict when it comes to hair products and if you take a look in my bathroom you’d realise why. On one hand I have my favourite products in which I always go back to when I’m not feeling the love for anything else but on the other hand I’m always eager to try new things to see if they better my current favourites.

Fortunately the Neal and Wolf brand heard ‘cries’ to try something new and kindly sent me two products in which contain my two ultimate commands for perfect hair… volume and silky smooth ends.

I’ll admit before I was contacted by the Neal and Wolf I had never heard of the brand, so I ultimately did a little research. My findings led me to reveal that Neal and Wolf was created by Neil Capstick whom has worked in the hair industry for over 20 years. He wanted to create his own range of hair products that oozed glamour, effectively and affordability whilst being free from Sulfates, Parabens, DEA and TEA.

Firstly the packaging is beautifully sleek and sophisticated, already giving the impressive that this luxury hair care brand might be a little miracle in a bottle.

My hair has recently been a little unruly towards the ends and so I was eager to try the Intensive Hair Care Treatment. The formula itself has a thick consistency with a pearlescent shine and silky touch. The scent of this product is incredible, almost like something you would pick off the shelves of a high end perfume store however it has been given an undertone (almost like vanilla) to soften the scent so it isn’t too pungent. You’re advised to apply the product onto damp hair (after shampooing) and leave for a few minutes (so it’s basically used as a deep conditioning treatment).  On application this product smooth’s through the hair and almost also acts as a detangling treatment as it leaves the hair feeling like silk strands. After performing my usual routine to dry my hair I noticed an incredibly difference, especially to the ends of my hair in which looked more healthy and less like I has been struck by lightning.

My second commandment for perfect hair introduced me to the Neal and Wolf Volumising Lotion. The formula itself has a loose gel like consistency with a glossy sheer shine. The scent again slightly differs from the Intensive Hair Care Treatment but similar to the fact it reminds me of something you’d pick up for a perfumery. It’s almost as though Neil Capstick has created his own perfume range combined with the hair care products. Directions suggest to apply this product to towel dried hair in which a little does go along way however if you do use a little too much it won’t weight the hair down nor add extra oils. I mainly applied this product to my roots but did use the excess over the rest of my hair. This is probably the product I am most impressed with as after blow drying my hair (or more flipping it upside down and running the hair dryer over it) the was an incredible difference, almost like a tamed lions mane! My hair had gained the perfect amount of volume without any sticky/ oily residue. Minus the split ends in which I need chopping, my hair felt soft, lightweight and ready to roll without any teasing at the roots.

I’ll definitely be purchasing more from the Neil and Wolf range as their products have been put into my favourites box with their effectively and affordability!

Beki Xo

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