Spring Ready Lips: Majenta Beauty Lip Buff Review

Monday, May 19, 2014
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Majenta Lip Buff £8.70 (*)

A must have product for Spring/ Summer…Lip Buffs (or exfoliators if you like). Surprisingly they’re not all that easy to come by and being more of a skincare product, makeup brands just haven’t cottoned on to the incredible lip stick primer.

Typically lip exfoliators come in the form of a sugar scrubs, which although they work amazing they’re pretty darn messy and only result in you looking like a sugar crazed female. So when beauty and makeup brand Majenta introduced me to their Majenta Lip Buff I was pretty darn excited to try a new form of lip exfoliator.

Firstly this product couldn’t be any more simple/ easy and fuss free. The solid, lip stick shape formula contains tiny pumice grains that loosen dry skin without being too harsh. The ingredients also contain moisturising oils and vitamin e that leave your lips super smooth and primed, ready for your choice of lip shade.

To use the product you either apply it in small circular motions of the lips or (as I did) apply like a lipstick and rub your lips together until they feel smooth then wipe off! The great thing about this product is it doesn’t have a strong scent, if anything it’s only slightly minty. It’s perfect for sensitive skin as it doesn’t tingle or buzz like some other lip buffs that contain mint.

It’s a great handbag essential to use throughout the day before applying lipstick or even lip protector!

Check more of their products out here >> www.majentabeauty.com

Beki Xo
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1 comment:

  1. I didn't even know this product existed! Must try it, great idea! x