Sleek Brow Kit Review In Dark Brown

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Sleek Brow Kit (Superdrug) - £8.49

Surprise, another brow shaping purchase! The reason behind my brow product craze is because the weathers getting a little warmer and that mean less liquid liner and eye shadow and more about the natural features of your face… brows being at the top of the list.

Sleek Makeup is vast becoming one of my favourite high street beauty brands. Their products have reviled the likes of Mac, Nars and Benefit and also contain some serious dupes. I first trialled Sleek when I was on the hunt for a bronzer and highlighter and stumbled across the rather infamous Face Form Palette which I featured in my ‘Wake me up products for Spring’ post.  And when I finally decided to stray from my typical eye brow pencil and venture into the world of brow palettes I knew what brand to check out first.

The Sleek Brow Kit in Dark Brown is a pretty impressive little palette. It contains a pigmented wax for shaping, powder for setting/ filling in those gaps, an angled brush, blending brush and mini tweezers for those pesky stray hairs. I hate anything ‘faffy’ when it comes to makeup but after reading reviews and seeing that it’d been compared to the likes of brow kits with the price range of £25, I snapped it up for just £8.49!

The wax formula is used to define the perfect brow shape it can then be easily blended upwards or used to create tiny faux tiny hairs. The shade of pigmented wax is perfect for medium/dark brows as unlike most other brown palettes the brown shade doesn’t contain that reddish tint. The powder not only sets the wax in place to have budge proof brows but it also fills in those gaps and is buildable depending if you want a stronger or more natural brow. 

The best advice I was given about brows is that they’re not twins, their sisters. In other words stop trying to make them look the same because brows are always going to be slightly different.

I’d highly recommend this kit for those who want to create fuller brows with a defined, natural shape. 

Beki Xo
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  1. Beautiful shades and very nice Face Of The Day look :)
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    Lu ❤