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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Active Charcoal Capsules - Holland and Barrett 

Charcoal has been used as a natural remedy for years but it’s only recently that it’s become a highly sort after ingredient in beauty products. You can buy it in small tubs containing just the powder itself however it’s incredibly messy every time you open the tub. So I bought the capsules (although stated to be used internally) as they’re great to pop in your travel bag, can be used to estimate measurements and are less messy with just a twist and a pop of the capsule.

Activated charcoal is a natural form of carbon peppered with small open pores that increase surface area, allow it to act as a sponge to absorb, filter and create chemical reactions. It’s generally used nowadays to filter water, reduce odors and can be taken internally to manage poisoning or overdose.

However, as a natural skincare remedy it tops a lot of my favourite products! Carbon is botanical active substance that’s 100% alkaline, meaning it’s spinning with electrons making the substance highly electrical.

Active charcoal acts like a magnet there for works incredibly well as a face mask to draw out blocked pores, reduce breakouts and generally filter and improve the skin.  I typically mix 2-3 capsules with a drying face mask and off you go. My skin has improved incredibly and if I have the odd break out I just use the face mask as a spot treatment and pop it on the areas in which I need clearing.

Its also been said that no chemical whitening solution or product on the market comes close to the whitening and brightening action and powder of carbon.  Although you end up looking like something off The Walking Dead, the purification power of just 1 of these capsules dipped onto the end of a tooth paste ready brush is like magic.

If you have oily skin it’s a great botanical ingredient to add into your everyday cleanser and it draws out those unwanted oils without drying out the skin. You could either add 1 capsule per use or a open a handful of them into the bottle and shake. As time goes on the carbon can penetrate the other ingredients and spread itself equally, acting as though it’s been there the whole time!

Lastly (although not really skincare) I’ve taken these capsules the morning after a crazy night out the town and I can say they cured my hangover pretty darn quickly!

Beki Xo
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  1. I take charcoal tablets they are little miracle workers xx

  2. I didn't know this, sounds like something I need to try! xx

  3. These sound really interesting! Will definitely be checking them out next time I'm in H&B :)
    Catherine x | Brighton Girl