Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint And Precision Pencil

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint And Precision Pencil RRP £10.00

After months of use I finally hit kohl end with my eye brow pencil and after sticking with the same one I’ve used for years I decided to try something new. I’d read dozens of reviews (as per usual) on gels, powders, inks and kits and came across the Soap and Glory Archery Brown Tint and Precision Pencil.

A double ended eye brow kit with a twist up crayon to add shape and a tinted brush fill in the gaps creating individual hairs. This product was quick, easy and a 2in1… I was sold. I picked up the dark brown shade in Boots for £10.

On first use I loved this product. The dark brown shade was more of an ashy tone rather than the typical reddish brown you get with a lot of eye brow products. On application the tint wasn’t too harsh and had more of a washed brown pigment which worked great to leave a natural finish. However I did find that the formula just wasn’t dark/ thick enough to ‘fill in the gaps’ as quickly as I wanted and I did have to keep applying the tint over the same area again and again, but maybe it’s because I am use too kohl pencils?
I used the crayon to then define my eye brow shape as suggested. The great thing about the crayon end is there is no need to blend. It creates more of a smudged natural line than a harsh line which kohl pencils can create if you’re a little too heavy handed and don’t use the brush to blend.

The worst part? I’d read reviews that after a couple weeks the tint can dry out but I figured 2 weeks is long enough for me too test if I like a product and for £10 it’d be worth another purchase. Unfortunately by the second use the tint formula was beginning to fade and eventually stopped working. At first I put it down to being upside down in my makeup bag and gave it a shake, I also pressed down hard to get the ink to the surface quicker but it seemed that it was a goner. It’s a shame as I thought I may at least get a couple weeks out of this product however It’s known that inks and tints can dry out easily and quickly, I just didn’t expect for it to be that quickly!

Overall this product is worth a try. I may have just picked up a dud pencil but if £10 is a lot for you to splash out on I would give it a miss.

Beki Xo 
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  1. Great review. I bought this a month or so ago but have only really used it at the weekends. That's not good about the tint - going to hold off a bit longer before I review I think! xx

  2. In that last image you look a lot like Zoella! I've recently bought this and have fallen in love with it, but now you've said this, I'm kind of wary of it. My favourite bit is the pen side as well so hopefully it lasts a little bit longer!