Corners Of My Bedroom Tour

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I’m always a little nosey when it comes to interiors especially other people’s bedrooms. It’s a cave of all things that make a person - Style, beauty, accessories and all things personal (quit the dirty thoughts). You gain a sneaky peak into what’s inside other bloggers bedrooms through product photos and outfit posts so I thought it would be fun to share the space I live in.

I love the rustic/ clean mix of Scandinavian decor, the simple fresh white furniture against natural textured decorations. Fresh Reindeer hues that practically reflect my wardrobe; greys, whites, blacks, browns and Unfortunately my flat is rented so I can’t go too crazy with decorating otherwise I’d be ripping out the carpet and painting the natural floorboards! But luckily I’m a big room accessory junkie, so although I like to keep things simple I go crazy for anything taxidermy. I get it’s not for some but the pelt, fur, antlers and all things stuffed create a natural outdoorsy feel which I love!   

I tend to find the best furniture and accessories that have been refurbished on EBay or in vintage/ taxidermy shops such as Snoopers Paradise in Brighton. The large antlers however where actually found hidden in my boyfriends Grandma's house, brownie points! 

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Beki Xo
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  1. The little jars with your rings are just so cute. I also love the idea of the rug on top of the chest of drawers H xx

  2. Oh the clear boxes for make-up... I just adore them.

  3. Your decor is amazing!!! xx