Spring Milkmaid Braids with John Frieda

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m John Frieda’s biggest groupie. I’ve used their products since I was in my teens and after their rebranding I’ve rediscovered my love for the hair hero that they are.  The John Frieda Volume and Frizz Ease range are in my Top 5 favourite shampoos and conditioners, leaving my hair feeling super soft and light weight.
So you can imagine that I was pretty excited when I was offered the opportunity to trial out a bunch of their styling products! Flash back to 1 year ago and I was a shampoo/conditioner and hairspray kind of girl but after discovering how certain products can boost the overall health and finish of your hair I’ve jumped right on board.
To trial the products I decided to throw together a hair tutorial of a look I’ve seen a number of times splashed across beauty magazines… the Milkmaid Braid. An easy Spring/ Summer up do that looks as though you’ve made effort than just 2 hair elastics and a handful of bobby pins.

How to create the Milkmaid Braid: 

1: First off (on damp hair) I used the John Frieda Hair Serum to smooth down my *whispers* damaged ends to create that healthy look and then topped it off with Dream Curls Styling Spray. Although yes, this is typically used to create enhance waves and curls it is amazing for adding volume and texture to ‘chunk up’ that braid!
2. Either let the hair dry naturally or blow dry upside down for extra volume and once dry add the John Frieda hair serum to smooth down flyaways and guard against the humidity. Part the hair down the middle and separate both sections at either side of your head.
3. Braid both sides the hair separately to create pig tails (you can use the traditional braid or the fish tail) and secure with a thin hair band or hair elastic (the thinner the better to hide later on).
4. Take one pig tail. Press firmly down on the top to tighten the braid and fold over the head. Once you’ve decided on the placement secure across with bobby pins.
5. Take the other pig tail and repeat stage 4. However this time you want to position the braid over the end of secured braid to hide it. Once you’ve found the correct position secure the braid in place. At this point you’ll need to tuck the end of the last pig tail under the braid and secure with more bobby pins.
6. To create a bigger Milkmaid braid you can pull at either side of the plaits to add width. To make the hair look less like you’ve just thrown a couple of pig tail plaits over your head (even though, yes this is exactly what you’ve done) take a piece of the braid nearest to your ear, pull towards the middle parting at the back of the head and secure with a bobby pin.
7. To finish this style I used the John Frieda Shape & Shine Hairspray to smooth out any lumps and bumps and tidy away those pesky stragglers!

Beki Xo

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  1. I love this look! It looks so great on you. I love John Frieda's mint cleansing shampoo, so I may have to give the polishing serum a try as well! Lovely blog, I'm enjoying reading it quite a bit :)

  2. Will definitely be trying out this style tommorow, thank you for such useful instructions too! H xx


  3. It looks so pretty! I will have to try this out one day because I never do much with my hair haha. And I love the range they've brought out, I'll have to try it as well to tame the frizz! x

    Kathryn | effievanity
    (hope you can enter my spring palette giveaway!)

  4. Ahh, this hairstyle is just perf! Xx

  5. Love this hair look. Will have to give it ago x