Sensationail Gel Nail Starter Kit Review

Thursday, February 13, 2014
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Sensationail Starter Kit 

I’ve wanted an at home gel nail kit ever since I had my first gel manicure last Christmas. A long lasting 3-4 week full polish manicure that helped to strengthen my nails and zero chipping for up to 1 month – dreams answered

After researching the net and reading numerous reviews, I eventually picked up a kit from Sensationail - America’s most popular gel nail starter kit that’s new to the UK.  You can buy the Sensationail Starter Kit in Boots for £69.99 which is a bargain price for 10 manicures when you’d typically pay around £200 to £250 for 10 full gel manicures at a salon.

However it sold out pretty quickly online and in the Boots store so I grabbed mine from the Sensationail website. It's actually cheaper to buy it from the brand online than in Boots and you also get a free full sized polish of your choice with any kit. Theres always voucher codes floating around and i managed to grab 20% off!

I chose French Polish Starter Kit as I wanted to go between coloured polishes with a bare nail look. The Kit includes; a Gel Cleanser Gel Primer, Gel base/top coat, Pink Gel Polish, White Gel Polish, White Gel Polish Tips, Lint Wipes, Orange sticks, Buffer, Nail file and a Pro 3060 LED Lamp! The full sized polish I chose (as pictured above) is the Sugar Plum Dragees a beautiful, burgundy berry color.

The kit itself is amazing!!!!  It looks and lasts just as long as it does from the salon and doing it at home means you can perfect each nail without feeling like your being ‘picky’. To create the gel nails is super easy and only took me 25 minutes on my first go.

It is as simple as:
1.       File and Prep the cuticles and bed
2.       Cleanse the nail using the gel cleanser
3.       Apply the primer and air dry
4.       Apply 1 coat of base/top coat – cure 30secs under lamp
5.       Cleanse off excess and apply coloured polish
6.       Cure for 60 seconds and cleanse off excess
7.       Apply top/base coat – cap the nail – cure 30 seconds
8.       Wipe off excess – Voilla!

The nail kit itself claims to last up to two weeks without chipping however mine have lasted over 3 weeks (as pictured above). And because I had no chipping and just nail ‘roots’ I only needed to buff the nail down to the colour and then reapply/ infill the gel polish.

I’d highly recommend this kit. It has saved me so much money and it is great for growing nails if you just want a clear gel polish!

Beki Xo
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