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Friday, February 07, 2014
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DB Illustrations 

Recently you may have noticed I’ve been going a little stir crazy for a well-known site named Etsy. And although I may have purchased a little too much and added a little too many things to my basket,, I’ve managed to discover a pretty darn talented bunch of sellers to show you.

The one shop I’ve fallen head over heels for is Deborah Ballinger Illustrations based in Nottingham UK.  Being a big fan of Native American designs, woodland creatures and decorative designs DBIllustrations is definitely my kind of style. The unbelievable talent this lady has drawing such detailed, unique drawings is amazing.  

The one thing I love about this Etsy shop is the fact you can purchase your favourite design on more than just an A4 print. Deborah also sells her quaint drawings printed onto; notebooks, Greetings Cards, Stationary, Purses, Tote bags, Accessories, Temporary Tattoos and home ware *takes a breath*. Not only that but you can also purchase cute little ‘gift sets’ that make cute bespoke presents!

My favourite illustration is the ‘Bear In The Flowers’ Native American style fine art print and Deborah was kind enough to send me some pieces to feature! An A4 print, notebook, brooch and purse. I’ve already framed this rather stunning A4 print and hang it pride of place on my bedroom wall. But how adorable is the repeated bear print on the purse!? I’m actually using this in my handbag as a ‘transfer pouch’ so I can move all my necessities from one bag to another in this dainty little purse!

But her handmade designs range from more than woodland creatures and pretty detailed vintage accessories. DBIllustrations has a wide collection of hand drawn and printed art that can be found at  Check her out!

Beki Xo
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  1. I've also featured Deborah Ballinger Illustrations on my blog, almost year ago. Her gifts to me were so amazing and beautiful, and I got even more than I could have ever hoped for. I thought I'd be getting her cute temporary tattoos, which I wished for in exchange of a post, but there was lovely cards and cute little pocket mirror too. :) Love her designs (and generosity!) so much I just had to keep a little banner on my sidebar, leading to her shop. Your post is really lovely too and I hope she gains many new customers now :)

    Indie by heart