Clothing: Jumper-FrenchConnection, Necklace-Zara, Bag-Topshop, Rings-H&M, Skirt-VeroModa
Makeup: Dr Jart+ Premium BB Cream, Sleek Blusher-RoseGold, Rimmel Brow Liner, Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

Apologies for the low quality photographs but i took this pretty quickly on my digital camera before heading to the airport. 

I wanted to wear something pretty comfortable for the flight to Budapest and all that waiting around so i threw on my double knit French Connection jumper. I grabbed it in the sale last year for half the price and its become a staple in my wardrobe so much so its become a little baggy but suppose it gives that slouchier look. 

I would usually throw on a simple maxi skirt but i went for 'girlie' and added my Carrie style ballerina skirt. Its a pleated midi skirt with a shorter under skirt so it gives that swish when you walk. Its really flattering and teamed with some ballet pumps looks rather cute. But as per, I added a grungy spike necklace i picked up from Zara to pull the outfit back to my typical style wave length. 

As for makeup i'm not one to keep topping up throughout travelling. The only makeup i ever carry in my handbag is lipstick (or rather 10 lipsticks by the end of the week) and a liquid liner which i barely ever need to pull out. My skin type is combination-dry and planes are notorious for deteriorating even long wear makeup, so I'm wearing the hydrating Dr Jarts+ BB Cream which blends into my skin tone like a dream. I'll be reviewing this back when I'm from holiday to give my full verdict but so far its definitely in my 'Buy Again' books. A quick dash of mascara, swish of blusher, a touch of lip balm and I'm good to go.

In my handbag I'll be taking: hydrating lip balm, headphones, a book to read (Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson), purse, phone, hair comb, hand wipes, sunglasses, passport and some snacks I'll pick up at the airport!

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Beki Xo 

I don’t know about you but as soon as I’m about to head off on holiday I go a little crazy (more than usual) in Boots. Anything containing SPF is snatched off the shelf and all those mini versions of my favorite products are thrown into my basket. I find holidays are a big excuse to dabble in beauty products you don’t really need in Britain and go crazy testing them out abroad.

The Body Shop Rain Forest Moisture Shampoo
My go to shampoo that I’ve used for years. It contains seed oil that repairs dry and damaged hair which can be cause from heat, sun and styling.  It leaves my hair feeling softer even before conditioner and doesn't weigh it down.

John Freida Hydrating Conditioner
My most raved about conditioner which I reviewed >here<. Instantly hydrates my hair leaving it feeling super soft and looking healthy. Definitely a necessity to keep my hair frizz free and healthy looking.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Who doesn’t need this stuff? My hair is pretty thick so I only need to wash it every 2nd or 3rd day and dry shampoo aids in freshing it up inbetween washes. Not only that but my hair is hard to style when its just been washed so I use Batiste to as a grip for other products and styling tools.

Silvikrin Firm Hold Hair Spray
My go to hairspray. These babies come in 5 different strengths depending on use. They're also super affordable and brush out easily.

Charles Worthington Sunshine Protection
CW have a Sunshine Protection range that including a shampoo and conditionair as well as this leave in spray. Again as if my hair couldn’t get enough moisture it contains seed oil and protects even coloured hair from UV rays. It has a peachy/melon scent which reminds me of fruit cocktails!

John Freida Volume Blow Dry Lotion
My hair type is thick and long which means my roots get weighed down. I use the this spray just before blow drying my hair upside down for an instant lift. I reviewed the John Freida Blow Dry Lotion >Here<

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun
Prolongs tan, soothes burn and smells almost edible. The formular contains a aloe gel and is scented with coconut and papaya.

Dove Go Fresh Pomegranite & Lemon
A compressed smaller bottle with yet another amazing scent. Doesn’t leave white marks and is my favourite out of the Dove range.

Original Source Mint Shower Gel
The ‘wake me up’ shower gel that leaves a tingling/ cooling sensation. Perfect holiday shower gel to cool down and freshen up.

Johnson's Baby Oil
My moisturising necessity that I use everyday. I much prefer oils than lotions as you can smooth it on straight out the shower before drying off and there's no time consuming application of massaging it into the skin. 

Nivea Invisable Sun Protection
Must have on holiday. A quick non-greasy oil spray that sinks in immediately and helps to protect skin. IT doesn't really have a scent which is a bonus and i don't find it sticky. 

Simple Face Wipes
A favourite of mine. They instantly remove any traces of makeup and that included pesky waterproof mascara. The wipes are textured and are just the right moisture without being dry soaked in product.

Garnier Moisture Match
My greatest discovering this year that I reviewed >here<. I’ll also be using this as a makeup base in the evening and popping it on under my BB cream.

No7 Gel Cleanser
The Clarins dupe that If it wasn’t for the scent there would be no difference. I reviewed it >here<
It easily removes makeup in no time leaving skin feeling soft and clean.

Colgate Tooth Paste
I went a little crazy on mini’s in boots and had to have this little necessity. Colgate is a well-known brand that I’ve used for years and can’t fault it.

Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator
The only product I’m yet to try. I now use the Alpha-H Glycolic acid as an exfoliator but there was no way I was bringing that away with me. So this little tube will hopefully do the job!

Dr Jart+ Premium BB Cream
I read reviews upon reviews of BB creams and Tinted Moisturisers. I wanted something to wear in the day that contained SPF and gave a little coverage. And yes, I was this close to purchasing the Nars Radiance Tinted Moisturiser, except I needed something a little more matt and this little tube stood out in the reviews. I’ve already trialled it out and will be posting my review in the next few days but this is seriously one to purchase!

Beki Xo
Alpha-H Liquid Gold RRP £29-£33 (100ml)

I’ve been after this product for a while and spent hours reading reviews, ratings and general product detail about what exactly is in this little bottle of ‘gold’. It rocked into the bloggers sphere last year and caused a positive stir amongst beauty fans. But its only recently I’ve began to dig into my pockets and pay a little more for something that may be well worth it and this little beauty was my first pricier purchase.

Alpha H Liquid gold is a silky formula used to resurface the skin and aid the skin in its natural process of renewal. The product is absorbed by cell membranes to aid recovery from sun damage, hyper pigmentation, acne, large pores and fine lines. The result is that is leaves the skin glowing, smoother and a heck of a lot clearer. Hurrah!

The solution contains 5% glycolic acid - a colourless acid chemical found in crops containing natural sugar. It helps to dissolve dead skin cells, tighten pores and aid in the renewal process of the skin.

It’s advised that you remove any traces of makeup before soaking a cotton pad with the product and applying it over the face and neck (at night). Once applied you do feel a slight tingling sensation but nothing uncomfortable. The liquid itself looks similar to a face toner and isn’t scented. You can add your usual nightly moisturiser after this for a less intense treatment or if your skin is in need of a boost don’t applying anything else. This seemed alien to me and I was a little worried it would dry my already combination-dry skin out but I went with it and hoped for the best.

Woah! In the morning I immediately noticed a difference. My skin felt smoother, glowing and my pores had surprisingly shrunk. I also noticed my break outs had calmed but were still visible (god knows why I thought it could work miracles that quickly). After using it every other day for a week it had completely cleared my skin, including blackheads (finally something to shift those pesky buggers) and I found it a lot less harsh than your usual facial exfoliator.

I’m also a pretty inpatient person so anything that can do the job over night is a winner! Id highly recommends getting your hands on this beauty buy if your prone to breakouts and dry skin as it gives a more deeper exfoliating experience overnight without the the usual harshness of having to scrub away with grains and granules. 

It is a little pricer than your usual high street exfoliator but it is 100% worth the beauty hype and the money!

Beki Xo

Tee-H&M, Necklace-Primark, Skirt-Newlook, Bag-Ebay, Rings-Primark, RRing-ThunderEgg, Watch- MarcJacobs, Nails-Bourjois, Hat-RiverIsland, Sunglasses-RiverIsland

A new favourite in my wardrobe. Speckled Neon.

I spotted this tee in H&M a while back and It would add that touch of Summer brightness that my wardrobe is lacking without being too OTT in block color. Its slightly over sized so i like to pull it down over to one side or down both my shoulders to add a slouchier look. I teamed it with this orange stripe necklace i picked up from Primark last year which brings out the neon specks in the tee and also adds a touch of color. I've never been one for bold brights (whiter than white) nor pastels so for me its all about accessories this Summer. 

This is pretty much a Sunday style outfit i throw on to head to the shops. Its comfortable yet by adding some jewellery it looks as though you've made more of an effort. I have to admit I'm a little bit behind on the neon trend but realising how much a pop of color turns your outfit into Spring/Summer, I've been converted and I guess you could add me to the neon fan club. 

Beki Xo
I’ve always been a big fan of the ghd brand ever since I bought my first pair of ceramic plated staighteners in my teens. Since then I’ve dabbled in their hair care products and my first pair of ghd stylers are still going strong! So when I was given the opportunity to review their latest ghd Style & Protect Gift Set I jumped at the chance and got my summer hair ideas at the ready. Plaits are a simple way to create a textured boho style in minutes and this is one of my favourite styles to stay cool yet stylish in summer.
The ghd  Straight and Smooth Spray is a de-frizz conditioning heat protection spray that you can use before blow drying on damp hair or just before styling on dry hair. I used it straight after towel drying my hair and concentrated a little more on the ends of my hair which are more prone to frizzing.You can use the section clips to help divide the hair when blow drying but I tend to blow dry my hair messily upside down to create more volume. I did notice that after using the straight and smooth spray my hair that although it didn't leave my hair completely frizz free (probably due to not spritzing enough) it felt a lot softer and the hair cuticles looked smoother.
To create this style you will need to divide your hair roughly down the middle and taking the ghd section clip pin up the side of hair you want to stay loose.
Next you want to start a french plait from the front of your hair to the back of the neck ( I chose the outer plait by starting the first plait strand over instead of under). 
Once you reach your neck you want to continue the plait until its about the length to be wrapped over and hidden under your lose section. Then using bobby pins your want to secure the hair behind the ear of the opposite section. To give the plait a thicker look you can losen it a little by pulling the strands away slightly but doing so whilst holding the pins so they stay secure. 
Once the desired plait is created and secure, take out the sectioning clip and spritz the ghd  Fine Shine Spray onto the paddle brush (which is a pretty darn time saving size on my long thick hair). Brush the lose hair from root to tip making sure the shine spray has covered the whole hair. This was by far my favourite product in the gift set as it made the biggest difference by taming my frizz, smoothing my ends and creating a healthy (non greasy) shine. I also sprayed it a little over the plait to add shine and smooth down any strays.

And taa-dar! This is one of my favorite looks to style through Summer as I can still wear my hair lose without it becoming a human hair scarf. You can also create an up-do using the exact same plaiting technique as this look in a more halo shape. All you need to do is create two french plaits on either side of the head (exactly as you've done on one side) but making sure they both continue to the ends of the hair and secure with hair elastics. Wrap the two plaits around each other and pin the left piece behind the right ear and the right piece behind the left ear making sure the bobby pins are hidden under the hair. 

Beki Xo
The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer - £7.50 

Hands up! I’m slightly addicted to primers. The smoothed out photo shopped look you get with just a swipe of a cream. But I’ve never come across a primer that aids blemished skin whilst smoothing over those problem areas. In fact I’ve never even thought about this genius little invention until I stumbled across it whilst raiding the shelves of The Body Shop.  

My skin type is dry to combination and tends to break out pretty easily. Therefor a pore minimising, blemish aiding primer seemed a necessity to add to my collection.

The product itself is a gel like consistency that once applied instantly sinks into the skin leaving your face feeling cucumber fresh. The formula is really light weight and although tea tree is a high on the ingredients list, the scent isn’t over powering and there is no tingling sensation after application.

When applying my foundation I didn’t really notice a big different to my pore size but I did notice that the finish of my foundation looked a lot smoother especially over my blemishes that can be prone to patching and dryness.  The product seemed more like a protective barrier between my skin and my makeup helping to combat the redness in my blemishes whilst providing a smooth matt finish to my foundation.

This is a great all in one primer when it comes to helping rid breakouts whilst disguising them with a smoother finish. And although it is targeted to minimising the appearance of pores I would definitely recommend it as a spot fighter to use under your makeup! Il definitely be adding it into my priming routine by applying it directly to breakouts before applying my base.

Beki Xo 
Origins GinZing Eye Cream - £21

I’ve been eyeing up a few Origins products for a while after falling in love with the Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask that caused a must have stir in the beauty blogging world. And also the fact their product ingredients are au natural – bonus!

So due to the large amount of products I wanted to try I decided to grab a couple samples from the Origins counter to trial before deciding whether to purchase or pass. One of them I’d been eyeing up was the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream.  A caffeine based eye cream with natural reflective brighteners to give radiance and brighten the under eye area. Sounds a winner?

The product itself is a thick consistency and slightly tacky to the touch especially after application. It takes a little while to sink in and you only need a small amount (as i found it) otherwise you end up looking a little like you've applied war paint! It’s best only to apply the product on the under eyes, otherwise it can be difficult to blink whilst it’s working its ‘brightening magic'. I thought I’d like the fact the consistency was different to other under eye creams as it meant it would ‘stick around’ the right area but the tackiness was a little awkward to bare.

However the colour (which reminded me of the Benefit High Beam) did mean the product blended into the under eye area beautifully and I did notice that the optic brighteners where getting to work in disguising my dark circles almost instantly. I don’t really have any puffiness under my eyes so I couldn’t really comment on if the magnolia extract was doing its ‘bizz’.

The product is initially recommended for AM use (I guess due to the tiny brightening particles) but the tackiness meant it to be super hard to apply my makeup over. I’d definitely say this product is aimed more at 
those who don’t wear makeup or even for use on holiday where you prefer bare faced with no concealer in site. If this is you then this product is probably worth the purchase as a little really does go a long way. But for those daily makeup go-ers I wouldn’t really recommend it as a eye base concealer even if you was to mix it with another product.

All in all I'd say this is a great eye product if its used the right way but for what i wanted it for (use under my makeup) its more of a pass than a purchase.

Beki Xo
Shirt-Topshop, Necklace-Zara, Skirt-VeroModa, Bag-Topshop, Bracelets-Primark/Asos, Rings-H&M

Hello new found love for denim. I don’t wear jeans and the only thing hanging in my wardrobe that is made of the distressed stuff is a statement oversized denim jacket. Therefor say ‘hello to my little denim friend’. I've been on the hunt for a cropped denim shirt for a while, wanting it to be just the right length where it brushes over my high waisted skirts. And then I stumbled across this beauty in Topshop. It’s a pretty darn versatile shirt when it comes to dressing up, down or throwing on over a dress to use as a jacket.   

I’ve never been one to wear a lot of Topshop but recently their new season stock has been attracting my fashion wriggling fingers to purchase nearly everything in store. The woven tan tote is also a little purchase from Topshop and has been stuck to my arm every weekend. It’s a great little bag to add a classic nautical/ neutral touch to an outfit and isn’t too structured which is a bonus when it comes to filling it to the brim with crap at the weekend.

To build on my collection I recently purchased yet another maxi skirt. But this beauty isn't as plain as it looks with a cheeky above the knee side split which makes the material move better when walking. I teamed it with my cut out ankle boots as the weather wasn't too warm but It’d be great to wear with sandles and pumps once the temperature rises or when my holiday comes around.

Beki Xo
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