Wands, heat rollers, wave stylers, tongs and chop stick stylers, I pretty much own them all in a tangled heap under my bed. Simply because I get bored with my hair style and to switch it up I pull out the heated stylers. But it’s a hassle owning one for every type of curl or wave. That’s when this little unique looking hair styler caught my eye.

I’d been tempted to purchase it for a while and then a competition ran by the Enrapture Team popped up, so I took my chance in entering and I won! A fine, sleek new gadget I’d introduce to my locks as the King Of Multiply Hair Styling.

It is honestly the best gadget I’ve ever used on my hair. The Enrapture Totem Styler has three different heated zones on the barrel, all of which can be changed specifically to what result you want with a twist of the 3 dials. My favourites are 1-2-1 to give a more volumised lose wave through the whole hair or 1-2-3 to create a lose wave into a tighter curl. I used the 1-2-3 setting to create the above look but to make the curls look more natural I brushed them through.

The styler itself heats up really quickly and the number 3 (the hottest temperature) isn't too harsh on my hair. I also found that upon using the flipper my long hair wraps around without any doubling up or fly aways which I sometimes have trouble with when it comes to curlers. 

The finish is truly perfect with this styling tool and the fact that even my long, heavy tresses stay in curls for the whole day without any dropping just shows they are aren't a hair tool to be messed with. At the recommended retail price of £59.99 even If I hadn't of won these beauties I'd definitely of purchased them because they're worth every penny not to mention the fact your buying at least 3 hair tools in one. 

Beki Xo

Skirt-Primark, Ring-Topshop, Bag-EBay, Jumper-H&M, Necklace-Oklahoma, Hat-H&M, Bracelet-DorothyPerkins, BeadBracelet-Market

You’ll all be happy to know no one was injured in the making of this outfit post, as lethal as those spikes look they aren't too on the sharp side! I bought this bag on EBay over a year ago and as much as I like it I thought the strap needed a little accessorising. So with the help of a drill, some chalk and a tape measure I added some cone spikes (and turned my bag into something that can only resemble a spiked mace weapon).

I’m very much into my pencil and tube skirts at the moment. With the weather being a little on the windy side It’s probably the most sensible option for a girl who doesn't wear trousers. Tube skirts should be a staple in any wardrobe, being the type of skirt your can throw on a chunky knit jumper, tuck in a graphic tee or wiggle on a chiffon blouse because its body con style works its magic to flatter your shape under all those cosy knits.

I swear I tuck everything in these days. But I wore it with this H&M marl grey glitter thread jumper I bought (again) a couple months ago. I did think upon purchasing that the thread may be a little itchy but it isn’t at all and in fact feels pretty soft and is a great little thin knit for less cooler days (if they ever turn up).

Beki Xo
Classic Thick Flick (my everyday makeup)
The Line (for definition) 
The Cat Eye (going out look)
The Side Flick (to lengthen the eyes)
The Catwalk (for fun)
The Dotted Line (to thicken lashes)

I'm a big fan of liquid liner so much so my everyday makeup look consists of the liquidy black stuff and to be honest I don't look like 'me' with out it. But there is more to liquid/ gel liner than the classic pin-up flick although I'm a big fan of it myself. Teamed with its little helper - mascara, liquid liner can lengthen, thicken and take day makeup to evening eyes.

Playing dot to dot along the lash line can thicken lashes and aid mascara or a thin line stroked across the top can give your eyes more subtle definition and help to make them stand out. It's easy to forget how versatile and helpful liner is when it comes to contouring and changing the eye. Pretty much most adverts promoting liquid or gel liners consist of a thick strong cat eye as well as a model acting bad ass or the opposite... sitting silently in front of a mirror applying the squid ink looking stuff. 

There is no secret or technique when applying liquid liner to gain that perfect line or flick. Yes, there are dozens of step by step's and how to's but honestly its about finding what is easiest for you. I've been applying liquid liner for years and unlike most people I start with the flick, draw a line across and fill in the middle but that's what I've found easiest for me. Just takes practice and making sure you trying out different ways. 

(I used the L'Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner - Carbon Black)

Beki Xo
Pinafore-RiverIsland, Bag-Market, Top-RiverIsland, Necklace-H&M(instoreonly), LetterRing-ThunderEgg, Bracelet-DorothyPerkins, Hat-RiverIsland(instoreonly)

Did someone call a painter and decorator? I snapped this little pinafore purchase in the River Island sale for just £15. And although the straps need adjusting (as per) Its definitely a new favorite in my wardrobe along with its quirky farmer/ painter vibes.

One thing I've wanted to get my hands on for a while is a good 3/4 sleeved crop top that isn't too just under-boob kind of short to wear with high waist skirts without a big fleshy gape and so this stripey number caught my eye. It isn't too thick and has a good stretch so it'll be a great piece to last me through Summer with some floaty high waist skirts...once the weather decides to perk up anyway.

And yes, another hat added to my forever growing collection. I guess its a little like the Fedora style hats but its not at wide and the rim is a little 'floppier' which i prefer. Cheeky!

I must confess, I am a little obsessed with River Island at the minute. It was once a shop i never ventured into. But more recently it's style has completely been revamped and it has some darn special on trend pieces that I'm wanting to get my Spring style mitts on.

Beki Xo
Facial Scrub-£2.99, Body Scrub-£2.99, Body Moisturiser-£2.99, Instensive Face Moisturiser-£2.99

I don’t know about you but any product that mentions it contains vitamins, minerals, SPH or even sea weed I’m sold. It’s something about those words that scream healthy and helpful. Could Superdrug’s Vitamin E range scream it any louder?

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that neutralizes the oxidant effect of free radicals (molecules that damage collagen and steal healthy cells causing dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles).Therefor Vitamin E is an essential fat soluble needed for skin reproduction. Now you’re sold right? 

The Vitamin E skin care range is huge. But I decided to pick up my beauty basics of moisturises and exfoliators.

The product itself is a creamy lumpy texture that contains oatmeal and horse chestnut to gently exfoliate the skin.  I’ve always hated facial scrubs that utter the words ‘gentle exfoliation’ as sometimes the beads or granules are so fine and soft that they barely rid makeup let alone remove the top layer of dry/ dead skin. But even through the silky like cream I could feel the natural crushed materials buffing the outer layer. And although bits of oatmeal did scattered my sink as I was scrubbing away, it did leave my skin feeling super soft and plump without being too harsh. 8/10

Now this stuff reminds me of holiday, the smell although isn’t too strong takes a liking to sun cream but that’ll be because Vitamin E is a main ingredient in SPH creams. I purchased the intensive moisturiser because I’m a sucker for buying a cream that has that little added extra help and look at the size of that tub! The product is quite thick and so you needn’t scoop up too much but it sinks in a dream. Although it states 24hrs moisture I’d say it only lasted me about 8hrs before I noticed my skin drying a little. Although I did use this under a BB cream and my skin looked flawless and hydrated for the whole day. 7/10

I’ve now been through 2 large tubes of this stuff and it has become a personal favourite. The texture is a thick formula and so unlike most body scrubs the product clings to the skin so you aren’t left with half of it on the shower floor. The ingredients contain crushed horse chestnut and apricot kernels that once applied you can feel scrubbing at the skin to remove the top layer. I like the fact you can really feel the chestnut and kernels lightly scraping over the skin but without being too harsh as it left my body feeling and looking really clean and soft. The only negative comment I can make about this product is due to the thickness you really have to squeeze the tube with force. 9/10

First things first the tub is huge considering the small price tag of £2.99 and it has lasted me quite a while. Again the texture is very similar to the Intensive Moisturising Face Cream but maybe slightly thicker but then again it’s a body cream. When massaging it into the skin the product sinks in almost instantly and leaves a soft but non greasy feel.  It did leave my skin hydrated for the whole day until showering but since discovering body oils I’ve noticed that it isn’t as intense as I’d prefer but still deserves an 8/10.

I’ve heard great reviews about the hot cloth cleanser and body oil so I will be buying more from Superdrug’s Vitamin E range.

Beki Xo
Blouse-H&M, Bag-NewLook, Skirt-Primark, Hat-H&M, Rings-Primark, Bracelet-DorothyPerkins, Necklace-H&M, Shoes-Missguided

You say what? I have to admit when putting together outfit posts I do find myself standing in the most un-natural positions. And although it is more about what best shows off the clothes as well as flatters my figure, I do find myself laughing out loud when scrolling through the “rejects”.

It’s only recently through photographing more outfits and scrolling through all the good and bad shots that I’ve realised what works and what doesn’t. And therefor I’ve befriended the trusty old slight angle, teapot, hat-tilt and “what’s that on my shoe” poses and yes, even if it means balancing!

Now you’re looking at my outfit photos to tick off the poses aren’t you?

But look not a graphic tee in sight! I’ve never been one for blouses as most of my skirts are of the floaty style and the two just don’t mix. However I’ve recently fallen back in love with the body con or tube style skirt and they’ve opened my eyes to a whole new wardrobe of different style tops (I’m sorry purse). I found this beauty in H&M and fell in love with the quirky cut out shoulder style, not to mention the fact it’s of the khaki shade. And yes you’ve probably noticed I’ve a big love for that good old army green colour.  

I wore this outfit for a shopping trip to Liverpool and so pulled on my trusty Missguided studded boots which are the most comfortable ankle boots I own and of course my hat came for another trip out too. Hats have recently become a big thing in my wardrobe. I’ve realised how much they can complete or even make an outfit and they’re fun! As well as the fact they can disguise bad hair days or even prevent them. Which I will admit yes, it was raining and so I knew my hair wasn’t worth bothering with *pulls on hat*.

I’m hoping my hat collection will grow a little more once Spring and Summer finally show up.

Beki Xo 

I was super excited when I saw the advert on TV for these little nuggets of gold. Why had no one thought of this before? A tailor-made moisturiser split into 5 different formulas to help aid our skin moisture troubles. Jack pot!

I’m always seeking out new products to quench my skins thirst and I’d only ever buy anti-ageing or skin renewing moisturisers (anti-ageing products contain more oils). But recently I’ve learnt to grab my beauty spade and explore a little more. I had already purchased the Origins Intensive Over Night Hydrating Mask which I’d highly recommend and you can find dozens of reviews on the internet but I needed something to use every day. It was a coin toss between the Goodbye Dry and the Wake Me Up which are both suited for dry skin. But since my skin has been misbehaving recently Goodbye Dry seemed like a better purchase of the two.

Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. This stuff is worth its weight in gold. The cream formula is only lightly scented by the ingredients that include Camellia Oil, Shea Butter and Omega 3 and 6 (a natural acid to plump, soften and promote glowing skin) and so the smell is pretty divine. The texture is very thick but firm so you only need to use a small amount which I guess is a bonus as you can pop it under the category “lasting products”.

Once applied the moisturiser sinks in a dream and almost instantly I noticed my skin felt softer and the surface texture was a lot smoother. I definitely noticed this more once I applied my foundation as the finished result looked more flawless and smooth which is why I’d also highly recommend this product as a makeup primer for those with normal to dry skin.

But the biggest benefit of this product was the fact it kept my skin hydrated for the whole day and that meant my usual patching and flaking of makeup on my nose was still in place and as fresh as when I’d applied it earlier that morning.

The only negative I have to say about the Garnier Moisture Match is that it leaves a slight shine once its sunken in. But I applied a little Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder and it left a matt finish. 

But finally a darn product that keeps my skin hydrated, my makeup in place and my skin texture as smooth as when I've just exfoliated. And as they're only £5.99 I think i will be purchasing the Wake Me Up gel formula.

Beki Xo

Tshirt-Zara, Skirt-Topshop, Ring-Topshop, Bracelet-Market, Hat-H&M, Necklace-DorothyPerkins, Bag-Zara, NailPolish-Maybelline(CeraminBlue)

This outfit was pretty much thrown together before I headed out of the door and looking at it now it reminds me of Bewitched. Point the hat a little more and throw me a broom why don’t you? But I kind of like it unintentional theme.

Taking a peek into my wardrobe you’ll realise that I’m big fan of graphic t-shirts. Just for the simple fact they’re comfortable and pretty darn versatile when it comes to dressing them up or down.  This little number is one of my favorites out of the dozens hanging in my wardrobe. It has my go to skull design but is a little more quirky with its eye chart like print.

I wore the t-shirt in my usual fashion, being tucked in at the waist and threw on my bell sleeved gold polka dot kimono which I guess adds texture. I purchased it on a whim from the Primark sale, it was only £5 and didn’t really know what to team it with but I liked the style and as I’ve mentioned before am a sucker for polka dots. But I think it works quite well thrown over a black tube skirt and tee. I’d definitely only wear it with outfits that are more fitted as like any kimono they tend to be very floaty and loosely fitted.

Looking at the kimono style I’d quite like to purchase some shorter styles or perhaps casual blazers to team with my fitted maxi skirts for spring. If you guys have spotted any casual Spring/ Summer blazers, It would be great if you could send me a link below!

"Bewitched, bewitched, you've got me in your spell, Bewitched, bewitched you know your craft so well"

Beki Xo
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