Superdrug's De-Stressing Vegan Face Mask

Tuesday, December 03, 2013
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Superdrug De-Stressing Vegan Face Mask with Aloe Vera

Winter weather is my skins worst enemy. It tends to dry out, break out and is generally in need of some TLC. My hydrating over-night face mask works a treat to quench my skins thirst and bring back the suppleness. However If my skins broken out I need something a little more targeted to aid it on its way to recovery.

That’s when I stumbled across Superdrugs new vegan face mask range. I have to admit I did spend a good 10 minutes trying to choose which to try first but finally settled on the De-Stressing Face Mask with Aloe Vera. It contains calming and cleansing ingredients to aid breakouts as well as throwing moisture back into the skin. 

It’s a drying face mask which I’ve always thought will help to dry out those pesky spots but also the Aloe Vera will replenishing moisture back into my rest of my skin.
The thing I like most about this product is although it is a drying face mask it isn’t too tight on the skin. It takes around 10-15 minutes to dry and after removing the detoxing ingredients my face immediately felt hydrated and squeaky clean. My breakouts had reduced especially in redness and it left my skin feeling fresh.

The only negative comment about this product is at first I did apply the product a little too close to my eye and it they were a little sensitive resulting in them streaming. However I’ve found that it’s a great selective face mask (if your eyes are sensitive like mine) to dot over breakouts as an aid rather than using it over the whole of the face. 

Beki Xo
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